_”Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame,…”_(Hebrews 12:2)


The Spirit of God is the originator of joy without disappointment which is only found in our Lord Jesus Christ. Joy comes only when a battle over issues in life is won and all the hustles and toils are forgotten by the one who fulfills missions in life, for which the Holy Word is given unto humankind (Psalm 30:5).

*Strength is the representation of joy; because it has what it takes to draw a Christian unto the finishing line, as an adventurer who has finally completed a mission in the midst of the difficulties on the way.* It wields the power to collapse failure, remove obstacles in Christian journey and finally defeats the oppressive and afflictive force of sin.

Jesus Christ never lost sight of the vision He had to fulfill on earth. He was aware of the joy set before Him as the God in the realm of men and the associated reward of joy, only after He had endured the Cross of Calvary. He wasn’t glorified by His Heavenly Father without paying the price of our redemption for the reward in joy which includes His power to judge humankind and own the most powerful name in the whole universe (Philippians 2:8-11).

His death and resurrection has won for us the joy we are hoping to have for eternity. He has conquered the devil and made us vigilant enough to trample on all the steps that could have led us into sin. *We are predestined to win because our victory comes from the Lord Jesus Christ by whom all things were made.* All the afflictions and the difficulties we go through in life for  deciding to follow Jesus Christ in righteousness, are not to separate us from Him.

Our joy is full in Christ, who has already won for us, the joy unspeakable. The weapon of the devil is meant for humankind to forget that we have already been predestined to win. The deceiver and accuser of the brethren is only trying to make us think that we are now living our lives afresh to face his schemes but that us a lie. *Don’t be ashamed that the world is torturing you in so many ways; instead, be happy that the Lord whom we serve for our whole lives, has already finished on the Cross on our behalves.* 

The Power in the Resurrection of Christ Jesus is in us and there is no way the devil’s scheme can overpower the omnipotence of God. Joy belongs to us. What is your sweat! We have nothing to worry about.


*PRAYER*: Father in Heaven, lead us to endure for you and despise shame as Christ Jesus did. *AMEN*




_”Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;…”_(Hebrews 12:2)


What suffering does a copy goes through, when the original pattern has already completed the stress on its behalf? A close and analytical study of an authentic masterpiece by an apprentice, will make it easier for him to go through a thorough process of studying and providing the results required. *Pattern is always preserved for the promotion of quality production of goods which will exclude mistakes and meet the demands of those who need a perfect work done.*

Every author has a lot of sacrifices to undergo before he can come out with a material for publication. Stress and hard times will not cease to come the way of an author but it won’t frustrate him from achieving the purpose for which the material has to be well put together. *Excellency has deep patterns to follow without any wilful deviation from the right path.*

Jesus Christ has not, and will never change from being the pattern we need in life to succeed. His life is not an ordinary one with weak foundation. We derive our faith from Him who is the Word of God. Our lives are the second ministration of Jesus Christ on earth, who has already paid the price for our faith to be demanded by Him. Sharing in His suffering will have to give us great joy as victorious sons and daughters of His; because he has already paid the price of our sufferings in life.

After living a victorious and redemptive life, He went through a pacesetting suffering, in order for us to be forever indebted to Him. We are to imitate Him until we eventually become like Him *who art in Heaven*. There us no time for us to turn away our eyes of faith from the glorious height of Jesus Christ, unto whom we look for a perfect way of life to lead us into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Looking up to Him will win for us an incorruptible reward of eternal life, with all its promising comforts in Heaven where we shall reign together with Him and the hosts in Heaven for ever and ever. Live in the faith preserved for our services to God.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, I look unto thee alone throughout the whole of my life. May I live by your pattern for great finishing. *AMEN*



_”Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.”_(Psalm 29:2)


None of us has any best thing worked out by our strength and carnal ability, to be given unto the Lord. The Bible tells us a lot about the reason why all good things and gifts come from above. Our environment is made beautiful by God to provide us with food, shelter, clothing and many other blessings that will keep mankind in a grateful position to glorify his name. 

Lifespan is made by God in such a way that, mankind will daily have to glorify Him as long as we live. In 1Corinthians 10:31, the Lord tells us to glorify Him with every thing that we have but this was basically said to include the food we eat, and the water that we drink. Naturally, every individual has food and water as our basic needs. No matter how we are blessed with wealth, divine health, joy of the Lord, peace of mind, luxuries in life, long life and many other privileges we enjoy, we will always need food and water to sustain us. 

Emphasis here is laid on food and water; basic needs that are needed by both rich and poor people in the society. This is enough to tell us that we are all indebted to give God’s glory to Him. So, God expects us to give the full measure of His glory unto Him; because He doesn’t share His glory with any other person. The more privileged we are, the higher God demands His perfect glory from us. 

It takes those who are born again to render all the glory due unto His name. These people have given their lives to Jesus Christ, know the Word of God, and are aware of the fact that everything they do is to bring glory and honour unto His name. They honour God in daily thanksgiving with righteousness as the greatest gift from His Spirit in them. What a gift that God deserves!

Worship consists of a whole life experience with righteous conducts: not only referring to the time we sing to glorify the LORD with thanksgiving and exaltation as people think of it. Know that worship is a whole life experience and for that reason, worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness demands that we serve Him with our existence and all that we inwardly and outwardly live to have.


*PRAYER*: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, may the glory of yours in my life be given back unto thee without any deduction. *AMEN*



_Refer to Matthew 24:13_


There are some people who came into this world with greater determination than the one we have. Some people can start the race of righteousness and holiness at a great pace but lose at the end. Other people do not have a good start but they may have a perfect end. How will we complete our journey in righteousness and holiness? 

The faith we have in Christ will have to make us faithful to the extent that, the whole world will hate you until they see our fall if we condone with sin. That is the time that we will have to endure in righteousness without sinning. It is not an easy task to endure in the divine nature of God unto the end. Sometimes, persecutions will let us ask ourselves, *why me, why now, what are you doing, Oh God, when will these end?* Don’t expect the battles ahead of you to favor you because you will never live without them. On top of that, those questions will bring bitterness into your heart as you keep on blaming God.

The reason why these situations come upon us is that, our Lord Jesus Christ had to go through hard times before and we have to follow suit (1Peter 2:21-22). Reading from Hebrews 12:2-10, every faithful Christian will have to know that we have to encounter sufferings, insults, assaults and tortures. Those are some of the adversities that must come the way of every heavenly candidate. 

A Christian with Heaven in view is an enemy to the world because of the power in the faith, love and truth that identify us as unique people. No wonder occultism, freemasonry, and illuminati, are working together with some Christians against holy people of God. We don’t have to allow the flesh, and the disaster of ignorance to overcome us.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, may I be graced to endure unto the end. *AMEN*



_”For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?”_(Romans 3:3)


These questions are faith deepening for every one who decides to follow Jesus Christ unto the end of time. Faith of God is released into our witnessing spirit for us to believe in His Son. Inarguably, nothing can tamper with the faith of God which is based on His sovereignty and omnipotence. This is the more reason why He teaches us to give Him what He has given out to us (Matthew 5:48, 1John 4:19).
On so many occasions, people are quick to point fingers at unbelievers who don’t have faith in God. Nobody is condemning that biblical truth but let us not forget that an iota of unbelief is disastrous enough to restrict us from attaining the full measure in Christ Jesus. Most people are Christians with unstable faith of God to offer unto Him. We will see these people occupied with the ways and means to get money from their hardwork to help God’s work, while Church is in progress. Others will not be able to stand in times of temptations and *that alone has relegated their faith to the background of a faithless height.*

God’s faith in which we share, is a gift for us to work within His appointed time and opportunity in a period called life on earth. The effect of God’s faith in us will not be interrupted by any human being because, others will be able to reach the mark of excellence; for what God has put together to help us, must not be put asunder by any act of unbelief. After our hard work in the services of God, we surely have a reward to receive at His right hand side, where faith will be crowned with victory for ever and ever. 

Who shall use unbelief to pull down or wrestle against the faith of God? They will realise that failure is the only outcome left for them to expect. God knows best as our faith comes from knowing and hearing His Word. We are unstoppable.


*PRAYER*: Heavenly Father, help me to rise through the ladder of your faith in Jesus name.  *AMEN*



_”Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”_(Amos 3:7)


Modern concepts of prophecies are mostly twisted to suit corruption and abuse the sanity in the office of Prophets. The hearts of so many Christians have to tuned to the devil’s deception about the genuine prophets of God. Many people would like to hear prophecies that will grant them financial blessings, their ministries, marriage, childbirth, and all answers to their numerous problems. This bad mentality about the role of prophets, are turning people into living according to their will and what they wish to have but not what God wants from them.

The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 1:19, that *”We have also a more sure word of prophecy”.* This is a way of telling us about the meaning of prophecy. God’s Word is the prophecy we have. Every prophet speaks the mind of God to the people of God after receiving His message. The reason why Paul said that prophecies shall not pass away is that, God’s Word is the prophecy. If that is the case, then the Spirit of the Lord was telling us to hold unto the Word of God. 

Though there are prophets who receive messages from God, any person who has given his or her life to Christ and preaches the Word of God, is ministering as a prophet of God. God will pour down His Holy Spirit upon all flesh, provided His Word is in us to be flourished by His Spirit. If a prophet is always prophesying without any confirmation from the Holy Scriptures, then he is a liar and a self-willed prophet who is corrupting the Body of Christ (2 Peter 1:20).

Today, false prophets are every where as the Bible says (2 Peter 2:1). What these false teachers of the Word and false prophets do, is to make merchandise of the ignorant masses by prophesying according to their lusts of the flesh and pride of life. They lack the truth and for that matter, rise against it, give evil directions to help people destroy their enemies, preach worldliness, despise the warnings of God and finally direct souls to hell. One may tell you a lot of things about you, and you can attest to the truth in what they say but they may be false prophets who can only be exposed by the Word of Prophecy. Make time to study the Scripture under the tutorials of the Holy Ghost, and you will know that you are also a prophet. 

However, know that God still has prophets and He speaks to us through them. In all their prophecies, we can know that they are from God only by referring to the Holy Word of God; for God doesn’t do anything outside His Word. God’s Word is the prophetic oracle you need in order to succeed in life and serve our purpose for being here on earth.


*PRAYER*: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, let every prophecy about my life be established in reality. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 118: 17-24


Life has an opportunity. For every child of God, this opportunity is given to ensure a righteous living. This opportunity is within a stipulated period of time according to God’s perfect will. There will be a time that we will no longer be alive. God gave life, time and opportunity to King Saul but he misused them to finally become hostile to King David.

Old people cannot grow younger whether they like it or not. Time is running out for every one of us. God has hidden the day of our death and the day of rapture from all of us. We have God’s purpose behind every thing or stage in life. Those whose lives do not become important to the Lord, cannot enter into His Kingdom.

All that we do within the opportunity and time of our present life will be brought into assessment without any second opportunity to correct our wrongs. This is why there is a day of judgment ahead of us. May the Lord Jesus Christ help us to make good use of our lives in order not to waste this given opportunity which some people are misusing in the pursuance of waywardness by way of fornication, witchcraft, gossip, lust of the flesh and money.

*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, help us to use our opportunities and time profitably without wasting it. AMEN*