πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”…The Prince of Peace.”_(Isaiah 9:6)


A Christian is offered a peacemaking mandate to resemble Christ, the embodiment of peace. Our Saviour came to show us the way to be at peace with all men as He did (Hebrews 12:14). Peace is to be found in all our endeavors with those we come into contact with. This festive season is a test case to make peace and reconciliation with others, seeking to settle all squabbles, skirmishes, disputes and dissensions among ourselves. Before this year passes on the baton to the incoming year, do well to talk to those with whom you haven’t been in fine terms for a period of time. Hypocritical Christians will claim to be celebrating the Birth of Christ but they haven’t made any attempt to settle the differences between them and others for the sake of peace. 

Are you not in talking terms with any of your family members, friends, fellow workers, and litigants in your neighborhood? Perhaps your case was genuine and they rather offended you. However, accept to be the one at fault and make peace with them for the sake of Christ our Lord whose birth has brought peace into the entire world. *When you sacrifice everything towards ensuring peace, you haven’t lost any thing* *To err is human and to forgive is divine* Come on, dear Christian! Forgive your offenders and be in good terms with them. Be a peacemaker where you are, and ye shall then be called a child of God (Matthew 5:9).


*PRAYER*: Prince of Peace, may your happy birth bring me to the need to make peace with others. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”Yet I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no God but me: for the there is no Saviour beside me.”_(Hosea 13:4)


Talking about the difficulties from which our Lord Jesus brought us, we will realize that they are different from the hardships that we encounter in our personal lives in each and every day. He was born to lift off the yoke of sin which brought mankind into perpetual condemnation without any iota of hope. After that, salvation was assured all those who would surrender themselves in belief, to His divine mission for our own good.

Perhaps many of us have forgotten that God doesn’t share His glory with any other person. That notwithstanding, Jesus Christ is the only one who could become the Saviour of the World, just as the Bible refers to God the Father as the Saviour (1John 4:14, Matthew 1:21).

As we celebrate His wonderful birth in this august season, let us not allow His work to sink into oblivion because it will be like underrating His saving grace. That will spell a doom for us. *He has provided us with salvation as the ticket to Heaven, and we must be willing to hold fast such a great gift which cannot be bought with money.* Sin stole the glory of God from us and kept us lacking the grace of God until our caring Saviour came in to restore the glory unto us (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). 

*Passionately celebrate the Saviour with all your heart, devoid of any worldly connection.* Happy season!!!


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, your birth was the beginning of what you had to do in my life. As we celebrate you, kindly begin new things in our lives. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith”_(1John 5:4)



On behalf of our glorified ministry, it is our profound pleasure to wish all our cherished readers a *HAPPY YULETIDE!!!* You have been so helpful to our dearest ministry from the first day you began to read our soul touching daily devotionals aimed at lifting the Truth to the whole world. It is our wish to celebrate the Birth of our Saviour with you in a very special way.

Whatever we do in the cause of this festive occasion must not be enough evidence to excuse the Truth about the spiritual commitment attached to this season. *Christ Jesus brought us victory over sin and such a commemoration needs to sharpen our faith in Him and seek more of Him. The Birth of our Saviour is not an opportunity to be caught up under the crises of the lust of the flesh. *We do not celebrate our Saviour with the world, neither can the world celebrate Him for us. *Even many Christians are going to be won by the devil during the festivities in this remarkable day.* He is stealing those who still have the world in them after they had been saved from the world.

*This is not avenue to hang out with friends and families at biblically unauthorized places like beaches, dancehalls, sing secular songs, pick up boyfriends and girlfriends, get intoxicated, play casinos, watch bad stuffs on TV in the name of relaxing yourselves, wear indecent and transparent dresses to be noted as a modern fellow, neither are you permitted by God to have casual and indiscriminate sex with others.* Don’t sell your power to overcome the world, to sin. We are urged not to follow the children of darkness into sin (Exodus 23:2, Psalm 1:1-4).

*Remember that the children of this world are not the right people to define how we need to celebrate our Saviour.* Are you willing to meet Him again in a more special way? He also wants to be in Heaven with us for ever and ever. Let the world pass away without you. *Celebrate our Saviour with your family and friends as Christians, without worldly strings attached to your purity in Christ Jesus. Once again, jingle bells are ringing HAPPY YULETIDEπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ*


*PRAYER*: Dear Lord Jesus, give me the joy in your birth. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.”_(1John 4:14)


Jesus Christ is indisputably the Saviour of the whole world. This truth is not known and accepted by sects of people who fail to believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. They regard Him as the Saviour of Christians alone and this is a way of exempting themselves from His Lordship. Through our belief in Him, He has made us His witnesses every where in this world (1John 4:14).

None of His attributes can be ascribed to any other religious leader apart from Him. This conviction of faith granted us the boldness needed to testify of His saving power. He is the Saviour of the world, who did what no man can ever do (John 4:42). The world in the context of our memory verse refers to all believers in Christ who were dead to righteousness and only alive for worldliness.

Sin was taking humankind into eternal destruction until God sent His only begotten Son in the person of Jesus Christ. He took the form of the flesh, though He was not born of a man but woman, He had to be born in order for His blood to be shed for the remission of our sins. This is the time for us to be awakened from coldness. We are saved to hold fast our salvation with vigilance (John 3:16, Matthew 1:21).


*PRAYER*: Hallowed Father, thank you for saving us from the hopelessness of sin through your Son Jesus Christ. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”…and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and  frankincense, and myrrh”_(Matthew 2:11)


None of the wise men visited our Savior with empty hands. Perhaps it was to fulfill the ordinance of God in the Old Testament, that *”none shall appear before the Lord empty handed”*(Exodus 23:15). Each of the three gifts portends the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ, based on their significance in the ancient world. Gold, frankincense and myrrh were brought to Jesus.

*Gold*represented the power and majesty of a  King. They presented Him with gold because He is the King of Kings with His royal diadem.

*Frankincense*was used by the High Priest alone to rise unto the LORD GOD as a sweet smelling savor. It represented their reverence to Him as the only Messiah with the power to intercede for humankind (1Timothy 2:5). Last among the gifts was *Myrrh*. It was a kind of substance extracted from a thorny tree and the Romans mixed it with wine for criminals who were condemned to crucifixion. They presented myrrh to Him in fulfillment of the bitter sufferings He was about going to endure for the appeasement of our sins (Mark 15:23).

We may have gold, money, houses, cars, companies, harmonious family and many other treasurable assets. *It is good to offer them as our dearest gifts unto our Savior in the remembrance of His Birth but He’s after our unblemished heart.* This is all that He wants from us. *The rest of our  physical assets will have to be taken into consideration only after we are done with the donation of our pure heart unto Him.* We do so by failing to sin and holding fast to His saving grace given to us to live according to His righteousness. 


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, please take my heart as the greatest gift from me to you. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word that I may come and worship him also.”_(Matthew 2:8)

*Knowledgeable people on the field of agriculture will tell you that, weeds compete with crops for soil nutrients.* This is one of the important reasons why peasant and mechanized farmers have to clear off the weeds within a period of time. In addition to that, it will gather all the manure and soil fertility needed by the crop to yield bountifully for the achievement of subsistent and economic purposes.
Why is the remembrance of The Birth of Christ taking us through the acquisition of knowledge on the field of agriculture? Is it not for a reason? It is. Satan the arch enemy of God, was pushing his evil agenda through Herod, to prevent us from obtaining salvation which comes through Christ alone. *He was not needed in the company of worshippers and well wishers who came to pay homage and courtesy call to the KING OF KINGS.* What a chaff he was! He was a square peg in round hole. God is so jealous enough to prevent Satan from working through Herod to steal His joy from His children.
The same situation is what we are facing today. There are some friends and acquaintances who mustn’t be part of us during this season and beyond. *They divide our attention between Christ and the world, making it easy for us to backside as believers. We need to reject the chaff by being deaf to them before we can loudly hear from our Savior at this point in time (Matthew 3:12). This elimination is not by rough tactics but by extra vigilance according to how they help you to grow spiritually or not.*


*PRAYER*: Dear Lord, help me to free up myself to accommodate the joy brought by your Birth. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy”_(Luke 1:44)


Today’s memory verse is telling us about how we have to respond to the miraculous Birth of Christ with a fruit bearing attitude. Elizabeth saw that Mary had been moved from a low estate to a higher one. She got to know that God had chosen Mary, through whom the Saviour of the world was to be born by her. John the Baptist was baptized by the Holy Spirit in the womb of his mother, and he was blessed with joy.

This is our generation. We are not far from welcoming our Lord Jesus Christ with extraordinary joy, especially during this festive season. All of us must leap for the joy of the Spirit, as we celebrate him as our Saviour. In this context, the joy of the Lord must strengthen us to feel joyful all the time. Seeking this joy from end of year parties and mingling with unholy associations, will be utterly wrong. *Be vibrated by the presence of Christ in your life. *He has come to shake off the coldness in you, keep you warmed by His joy and preserve you for marvelous treasures in Heaven.*


*PRAYER*: O Lord, let me leap for your joy every blessed day in Jesus name. *AMEN*




πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame”_(Proverbs 10:5)


To be brief, grace is an unmerited favor. It is the free gift of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, for every sinful individual who believes in Him.  Irrespective of anyone’s status, the grace of God is a chance for every one do the will of God and serve Him appropriately. 

The Lord wants us to live Him back as a way of fulfilling His righteousness, for which reason He graced us a lot. He loves those who love to stay according to His grace (Proverbs 8:17). However, the emphasis here is about how we demonstrate our love to God with all our hearts in order for His righteousness to be found in us. In the Book of Proverbs, we are told by God to make use of this opportune time to harvest the bumper fruit out of the grace we have gotten from Him (Proverbs 10:5). In these last days, we are not to be sinful as the lazy servant who sleeps without gathering any thing for His Master.

Expounding Psalm 105:3-5, we will get to know that God wants us to seek Him and keep Him at heart. Christ went through bitter maltreatment for our sins, that we may be saved by His Grace. Grace is the strength Christ has given us in order to strive hard enough to pluck the fruit of life. Is there any excuse we can give to justify our impotency to act in the love of God? No. He has graced us a lot to ward off any guilt from us. It is the grace of God which becomes an evidence for God to judge every one according to their deeds. How do you appreciate this grace? Are you graced but guilty?


*PRAYER*:Lord Jesus, may I cherish your grace above every thing. Make it impossible for me to err against you. *AMEN*




“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”.

 Genesis 1:3KJV

The first  of all visible beings which God created was light; it is the greatest beauty and blessing of the universe. Light was the very prime thing that came out of God’s mouth on the first day of creation which marked the first day of the world. Why didn’t he mention anything else other than that? God needed the light to proceed his creation: it was through it that all the other things were created. There is a light that radiates from God’s love. It’s very serene and pure. God through Mary had brought this light of love right before us. Darkness would have been perpetually upon the face of fallen man if this light hadn’t come. 

Christ Jesus is the light of God’s love. In him is life; and the life is the light of men. He is the true Light, which lights every man that comes into the world. You will never feel rejected or abandoned when this Light of love abides in you. He is the fountain of light; he is the sun that shines  on the lives of His people. He is the perfect light that perfects lives. 

Have you meditated on His birth and its significance? Are you convinced you have this light in you? Did you encounter Him this year? Have you taken Him for granted?

 God is still looking for the ‘Marys’ who will bring forth the Light into this darkest world. Are you a willing vessel like Mary?  I’m I?


Thank you Father for your gift of Love. Help me to be willing to be a vessel of honor to bring  forth your light into this world in Christ Jesus’ name I pray. 




A certain group of believers refer to themselves as Christians but they are not. They establish doctrines contrary to the Holy Word of God, deceiving millions of souls across the world. THEY ARE IDOLATROUS BELIEVERS WHO ARE HONORING AND VENERATING ASTAROTH, THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN. They read the Bible in their Churches without defining the pillars of their belief systems based on it. Demons in such Churches are so strong enough to bring them up on their feet for contention, when one points out something evil about them.
 Christianity and idolatry are two different beliefs. They are not the same and none of them accepts doctrinal infiltration from the other. (Deut 27:15, Psalm 97:7, Exodus 20:4, 1John 5:21) They feel bigger than the Bible itself. Many are the doctrines that support their INFAMY without shame. Don’t follow such a CLEVER COUNTERFEIT OF CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE THE POWER TO ESTABLISH IDOLATROUS DOCTRINES FOR THEIR FOLLOWERS TO DEVIATE FROM CHRIST. BELIEVE IN CHRIST AND COMPLY STRICTLY TO HIS WORD (Galatians 1:8, 1Timothy 2:5)
*✍🏿A. J. Amankwaa*

(Truth to Heaven Ministry, Kumasi)