*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”_(Genesis 1:3)


In our daily lives, we see the importance of light only when it is able to brighten a particular place of our interest. Light is needed wherever there is darkness to overcome. It shows us the way to escape danger and stumbling blocks that are on our way. Darkness is in an objection to our ability to reach out what we need.

God saw the need to command light into existence before moving ahead to know what to do afterwards. He couldn’t have created the other creatures until light took the lead. *He is Light and His presence was shed on the face of the earth to form the foundation of all the things He created.*

Christ Jesus is the Light of the world: the only hope of the lost souls. Sin plunged the world into darkness and it took the Grace of God to restore this divine light to us through our awesome Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:4, Psalm 36:9). Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ are agents of this Light. Thanks to God for making us the light of our generation.

Without us, the world has no hope about the life after death. They cumber themselves with lots of hopeless attempts to reach their targets in life, both now and in the aftermath of their death. Our understanding of this mandate will help us to know the reason why we need not turn our lights out for a second. The light in Christ which the world needs now is righteousness. 

Our dysfunction as agents of the Great Light, will be detrimental and consequently, lead others into the perpetual disaster in the Lake of Fire. It is not too late. God is still looking for the lost souls of this world at the moment, and He wants to do so through our display of His righteousness in our lives. *How best are we doing our duty as dispensers of God’s light in this world?*


*PRAYER* Dear Lord Jesus Christ, kindly power your light in us.



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