*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”And to knowledge, temperance:…”_(2Peter 1:6)


One of the properties of knowledge is the acquisition of information. It is the power of all who have it. Temperance is the moderation of passion, patience and calmness. *Every knowledgeable person has the need for temperance in all the activities he does because knowledge without temperance will lead to wilful ignorance and inexperience on the part of its acquirers.*

Knowledge about the Word of God is the key to every body’s success. If wisdom is the application of knowledge, then there is a way and manner through which temperance can offer assistance to the course of wisdom. *It controls addiction and beats carnality when there is the tendency of disastrous excessiveness. *Temperance brings us down to be exalted by the good things imparted into us by the Word of God, to exalt us.*

Every Christian needs to be temperate in every thing. Do not be lusting after so many things without measuring them with temperance. We need temperance in our conversation, temper, goals, wealth, and even in our choice making. With it, one will know where and when to talk decently. *Temperance is a great force which knocks down and regulates addiction.*


*PRAYER* Dear Lord, may I be filled with your virtue of temperance all the time in Jesus name. *AMEN* 



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