*”How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings”*. Psalm 36:7KJV

Good, better and best are words that are too weeny to explicate GOD’S love; It’s indescribably excellent, abundant and free. Some know the Love of God to be good, others too it’s the best but when you carefully and deeply experience and taste it, you will find it to be superb, splendid and supernal. 

Nothing in this world catches the eyes of those who believe and live in God’s love. They  know that they are alive because of this love, therefore, they neither abuse it nor take it for granted. They acknowledge it, embrace it and relish it. They do not love the world or the things of it for they’ve tasted and know the excellency of God’s love, therefore, all that their heart panted for is to Love Him even as He had loved them. Only the excellent eye comprehends this excellent Love and kindness. The excellent eye see things through GOD’S eye, it perceives things with the perception of God’s word and not the world. 

How excellent is the lovingkindness of God! How does it exceed all that we could have  anticipated! How far does it go beyond all that we deserve! Oh how it supersedes man’s thought and imagination! 


*PRAYER:* Thank you my Lord for your love. Please help me to appreciate and Live in it in your name Christ Jesus I pray.




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