👉VERSE: _”For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain”_(Philippians 1:21)


The flesh hates to hear the Truth. Many mysteries are going to be unfolded in the year 2018. Some of them are in relation to the fulfilment of the Scriptures as far as the end time is concerned. In spite of the uneasiness we shall experience in 2018, our Lord Jesus Christ will still be by our side. It will be another time to live for Christ. *Be in the knowledge of the indisputable truth that living for Christ Jesus is more cumbersome than dying for Him (John 6:66-69).*

When Jesus Christ disclosed the mystery behind His body as the bread of life to be shared for all His disciples, it became a stumbling block to many of them. However, the Twelve Apostles stayed with Him and didn’t leave Him alone. Just as Peter said in the aftermath of other’s departure, the rest of the Apostles came to know that He was the Messiah who had the Good News of salvation for them. *We want to stand in the shoes of Peter who didn’t pay heed to the obstacles that could have come His way in living with the Messiah. It is our turn to endure and persevere in hard times which we will be coming across in 2018.*

Nowhere is better than being in the presence of God. What does it mean to live for Christ? When one lives, He has a permanent residence. If our bodies come altogether to form the Temple of God, then to live for Christ in 2018 means, doing everything in common and in oneness of faith. It also portends coping with everything, regardless of how bad a situation may be. Everything within our reach is more sinful than its good effect. Sin increases as days go by and for that matter, worse things will mature in 2018 but that doesn’t mean we can depart from the faith. *Difficulties in life mustn’t ever suffice nor be a greenlight for our rejection of Christ Jesus.* 2018 is a time to fight sin.

As for the flesh, it will always demand for everything in this world, and still be unsatisfied. The world is passing by, but let us stand for our Lord Jesus.


*PRAYER*:* Lord Jesus, help me never to walk alone in 2018. May I be by your side in your own name I pray. AMEN*



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