*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;”_(Matthew 20:26)


*True leaders serve like those who have forgotten that they have some privileges to enjoy. A leader is assigned to serve and not to be served as a special person who is more superhuman. Best leaders fix their gaze on our Lord Jesus Christ’s ministration in humility and selfless devotion.*

*Leaders are brought up to busily work for the welfare of their followers, even if it will cost them their comfort. Many of our political leaders in these last days, have not come to understand this basic principle in leadership.* Instead of being accountable and at the service of the citizens, they see their office as an opened door for them to gain out of corruption and social injustice, thereby contributing to the plights of the marginalized and poor civilians. 

*To all our dear politicians who are abusing their political offices, defending evil, boasting like they were not voted into power, and sleeping with ladies who need their assistance, be informed that you are not free from God’s punishment.* Put a stop to this misdeed, seek forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ, and be forgiven for a fresh start. Serve your constituents and fellow citizens with whole commitment without any feeling of superiority. *Such shall please the Lord your God who made Christ Jesus an example for your simple imitation.*

*PRAYER* Father in Heaven, I humbly ask for the heart to serve others in Jesus name. *AMEN* 



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