“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word”.
Psalm 119:9KJV
The word of God is being taken for granted by many youth in this modern world. Their minds are pregnant with many queries about the future and the way towards their ambitions, yet they’ve neglected the most pivotal ingredient of their lives. They ask themselves “How can I be rich, have this car, house, job or that phone…?” And they seem to answer themselves “I have to be very busy with my work, do this or that to earn more money…”. Dolefully, they fail to pursue the most precious gems of their lives. Some even have no aim, plans or rules for their lives thinking that they have more time to live; they don’t even know the way, how can they cleanse it? It’s one thing knowing the way and another keeping it pure.

Paul told Timothy to flee from youthful lust; the lust of the eye, flesh and the pride of life are mostly at work among the youths; temptations of the world are at it peak in youthful age. Wherefore, many young people had fallen into Satan’s wily net either ignorantly or wilfully as they’ve trodden God’s word under foot and joked with it.
David’s question for the young people is worth meditating throughout our lifetime on earth: “By what means can a young man purify His way and live a noble life free from the filthiness of the things of this world?”. The answer is very simple yet demanding “by taking heed unto themselves, walking circumspectly, framing their lives with God’s word and making it their rule and map”.

How can you guard your way in darkness without a light? There is no excellent way to walk in this tenebrous world and be spotless other than walking with the Word as the lamp unto your feet and a light on your path. Then will you see clearly, the disguised things of the world to hightail it.
The Word is none other than Christ Jesus, when He is the leader of your life, he purifies your way, opens your eyes clearly, watch over you dearly and keeps you so carefully.

Lord Jesus please forgive me for not acknowledging you in my life. Please lead me in all my ways in your name I pray.


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