“Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.”.
Isaiah 43:7KJV

We are sometimes bombarded with many queries in our minds as we try to behold our lives in this world. Perhaps, you are asking, “Why I’m I in this world? What I’m I doing here? Why was I ever created? And why did God create me?”. You wished you were never created and never ever lived in this chaotic world. You’ve been passing through a life full of thorns and it has become albatross around your neck so much that you’ve remained aimless and are floating on the ocean of your future ambitions instead of launching out into the deep of your purpose in life. You don’t even accept the fact that God loves you, and you retaliate in your heart, saying, “If God loves me, then why am I going through hell on earth?”

Factually speaking, man was created to give God pleasure. Every true child of God is called by His name and was created anew in Christ for His glory. And this glory is unfolded through misery; the trials in our lives are vessels that carry the glory of God. Our Lord Jesus glorified the Father through the bearing of the rugged cross.

Beloved, you were created for God’s glory and that’s the answer for all your questions in life. You came here to give pleasure to God so your life must be a sweet savour unto Him even in the severest storm.
Bear your cross now, dear Heaven pilgrim, and when you finally enter that pearly gate, you will be rewarded with a crown of glory in accordance with how you glorified God in your life whiles in the storm of the world.

You formed me, oh my father. Please help me to glorify you in all my life in Christ Jesus’ name.



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