*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers…”_(2Timothy 3:2)


Blasphemy is the act of speaking against a religion or god. This sinful act has been in existence since time immemorial. In this situation, we will lay emphasis on the blasphemy against the Almighty God(Yahweh) and all the belief systems that are in line with Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Some members of the Jewish council erroneously accused Jesus Christ of blaspheming to be the Messiah who had the power to heal diseases and forgive the sins of sinners. *Every act of blasphemy is a grievous sin against God; a mockery of God’s holiness and His impeccable discretion on certain matters.*

One may be tempted to say that this generation in which we find ourselves, are abusers of God’s mercies and grace. They are afraid to offend powerless idols and dignified personalities, but find it easier to offend God with blasphemy. Complete this by saying that the fear of God and regard for His Holy Word, are limited in the hearts of blasphemers in this end time. 

*Below are some of the statements of blasphemy made by blasphemers against God and His Word:*

*Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross as the Bible says, the triune of God is questionable and untrue, there is no hell and this world won’t be destroyed, Jesus Christ is the saviour of only Christians, Jesus Christ is not the only way to Heaven, Jesus Christ was a normal prophet born of a woman, the Holy Bible is not complete without the acceptance of other books, genuine healing is attributed to occult and fetish powers, and once you believed in Christ sin can be committed because man cannot be perfect despite what the Bible decrees.*

*Other blasphemers say that Jesus Christ will not come again, the Old Testament is not functioning any more, raising of statues to represent Christian belief systems, idolizing some false pastors and teachers as the saviours sent by God to save humanity, priests or pastors have the power to forgive sins, indecent dressing doesn’t include wearing of artificial hairs, trousers by women, jewelries and make up, the practicing of demonic doctrines by placing faith in handiworks of God as idolaters do, and many others don’t matter.* These are all blatant deceptions fashioned by Satan; the winner of blasphemers to hell.

On the more serious note, Satan is achieving a lot of success through these acts of blasphemy because man has blindly fallen for them. What at all are the tools that are working in this aspect of the devil’s deception to land souls in hell? Causes of blasphemy against God in these last days include the lack of knowledge about God, misconception about the Grace of God, overfamiliarity with God’s assured mercy, the absence of the Holy Spirit and the over reliance on one’s personal freedom of expression and choice making.

*Blasphemers look down on the divine nature and the will of God. They subject every thing to physical or human perusal and understanding without considering God’s unsearchable point of view.* It is a sin which is punishable by eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire. God didn’t seek the suggestion of humankind before  creating every thing. *Your freewill shouldn’t dictate your doom.*We are nothing to blaspheme against the Almighty God (Job 4:17, Job 25:4-6)

*PRAYER* Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me for the times I blasphemed against your WORD. *AMEN* 



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