👉MEMORY VERSE: _”What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me.”_(Psalm 116:12)


*Covenant is an agreement between two different parties, sealed with an offering. God was the first person to enter into sacrifice with us, and these are His image and His Son Jesus Christ.* God made covenants with many great people in the olden days, and our generation is next to follow in line. Jesus Christ gave out His life to save sinful humankind because His love for those He came to save, casted a foreshadow by being willing to fulfill the Scriptures. At the end of it all, He laid down His life for the ransom of all believers with whom He has an everlasting covenant sealed with His blood. 
In every covenant, there is an altar on which the sacrifice takes place. Three things are required from an acceptable covenant offering to God, and they are love, willingness and the best out of all that one has. These pillars or preconditions are the reasons why covenants, whether divine or demonic, have an everlasting impact on one’s generation.

*Covenant offerings to God proceeds from the hearts of a Christian into the physical realm of manifestation.* In Psalm 50:4-6, God declared His Word for a purpose. Obviously, Saints are those who walk in holiness after Jesus Christ. They are those whose covenant offering to God, in the form of any precious or valuable item or commodity. *If there is any sin in the offerer, there is no way it will be possible for God to accept the holy things He Himself gave to us.*

Your offering is the same as your spiritual standard. An unholy covenant offering, doesn’t produce or yield any outcome. None of us will be able to give out any thing to God. All things belong to Him. Our sacrifices are to demonstrate our heartfelt Thanksgiving for His mercies and all that He has done for us (1Chronicles 29:13-14). Abraham offered his only son to God, and through this powerful and pleasant covenant offering, all of us are tapping the graciousness of God every day (Genesis 22:1-14). 

Take note of this, if you offer unto the Lord, don’t think of the physical benefits attached to it nor worship the provisions of the covenant. Be committed to God in holiness and know that you have given back what belongs to God, and Heaven shall surely be your eternal home in Jesus name. Amen.

*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, take my life as my greatest sacrifice, and may I understand the need to offer all that you have for me. *AMEN*



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