_”He said, Bring them hither to me.”_(Matthew 14:18)


After Jesus Christ had ministered to the multitudes on the desert, He saw the need to provide them with food to eat. Unfortunately for His disciples, they only had five loaves of bread and two fishes, but miracle had to take place before they could feed the five thousand people. Here again, our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the Scripture because He didn’t do any thing outside the Word of God, which is His identity. The Bible says we should give and it shall be given to us in multiplied form (Luke 6:38).

He told the disciples to bring their few loaves and fishes as an offering for multiplication. What comes to mind is that, Jesus Christ Himself is the Bread of Life and the one who knows the best to give His children. He offered His life for us by shedding His Holy Blood for the forgiveness if sins, performed miracles of different kinds. So would it have been difficult for Him to transform the few loaves and fishes to become plenteous enough to feed the five thousand people? No.

It is our time now. He wants us to give out to Him all that we have, including our whole lives and even the little resources that we have. In so doing, He is going to multiply them for us and at the end of it all, we shall spend eternal life in Heaven. How often and wholeheartedly do we offer our time, energy and money towards the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in these last days?

If we don’t offer them to Him, there will be no transformation in our lives and bad situations will remain the same. Don’t close your palm; give out what you have and it shall not be in vain. It shall be multiplied for you.


*PRAYER*: I give my best to you, Oh Lord Jesus Christ. *AMEN*



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