_”Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.”_(Jonah 1:2)


Our days are numbered. In these perilous times God is commanding us to arise from our weaknesses and stains of sins before, and win the lost souls for Him. Lost souls are those who haven’t willingly accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and given their lives to Him for the sake of His holiness and righteousness.

Day after day, multitudes are dying in their sins. Some of them are Christians who fell back into the pool of sin, while others didn’t accept Christ Jesus as their Savior. Where are all these going to spend eternity? Nobody should lie to you by telling you that God’s judgment will favor them after their death. Grace and mercies cease after a person’s death. Love for the world is collapsing more souls into destruction because Christ Jesus came to rescue us from the world and it’s pleasures in order to prepare us to spend eternity in Heaven.

Just as it happened in Nineveh in the days of Prophet Jonah, so is Satan destroying souls with sinful engagements to oppose the salvation given to us by Christ. He was sent to proclaim the Word of God to the people, though the Spirit of God at the time was working temporarily to fulfil missions and depart from the vessels (Men of God). We have been rescued from the powers of Satan and we are now empowered by the Holy Spirit who is to permanently live in righteous souls. Preaching the Gospel alone is not enough without praying for them and keeping close margin between the two sides.

By this power, our Lord Jesus Christ has commissioned us to bring into salvation, all lost souls. The wrath of God will be preventable only if we continue to love soul winning, do follow ups, cry out our hearts in continuous prayers for them like our lives depends on it. This will be more effective for them to follow us into the Kingdom of God only if we work out our salvation in perfection and holiness as the Spirit of God in us. This will bring them to Christ and save their souls for our eternal bliss in Heaven.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, give me your soul winning heart to win souls for your Kingdom. *AMEN*



_”For Mordecai the Jew was next unto King Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accepted of the multitude of his brethren, seeking the wealth of his people,and speaking peace to all his seed.”_(Esther 10:3)


Mordecai gained the support of the Jews as our memory verse tells us; because he placed the welfare of his people ahead of his personal interests. This position made him very powerful and influential in the making of decisions or in the formulation of policies that could have made him as corrupt as some government officials of our generation but he saved himself from that bad record.

One may not find it verbatim in his academic definition of the word “governance” as we are about to speak of it in this context. Governance is a system whereby some citizens are appointed or elected into political or social organization to represent the social, political, economic and moral needs of a group of people.
Wherever you are, make a personal analysis of how useful your politicians have been to the progress or development of your country. Most politicians of this generation are seeking and amassing wealth for their selfish interests and due to this corrupt menace, the citizens are deprived and impoverished. They are awarding contracts with their fellow corrupt officials, spending the taxes of the innocent citizens and trampling on their legal and fundamental human rights.
As Mordecai represented the interest of the Jews, they got what they needed and this positively resulted in the growth of their socioeconomic lives to the point that there was peace in their homes. He saw himself as a servant of a people he represented at the forefront; not as people he could disappoint with selfish policies. 

Our politicians and Church leaders must derive lessons from his example and from this very important verse in the Bible. The wealth of every leader is his ability to serve the people and pit their interests first on the scale of preference. They must not be like those who come into power through dubious means by paying bribes to voters and Church officials before gaining the privilege to serve His people. That will mean that they are in power to create wealth for themselves and loot the country. 

If God’s divine calling comes upon us, we should know that we have been called to serve and enlighten our followers in the Light of His Word, instead of lording over them. Church position is a whole responsibility to bear because they are ambassadors of Christ Jesus who have been elected by Him to bring His purpose for us into accomplishment.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, make me selfless in any ministry into which you have called me. *AMEN*



_”And Jehoshaphat said unto the king of Israel, Inquire, I pray thee, at the word of the LORD to-day.”_(1Kings 22:5)


King Jehoshaphat advised Ahab the King of Israel, to make inquiries from the LORD GOD about the battle between the forces of Syria and Israel. Even when God spoke to Ahab not to embark on the battle, stubborn Ahab defied the Word of God because he hated the Prophet Micaiah who was then the true mouthpiece of God out of the numerous prophets on the land of Israel.

On the day of the battle, command came from the King of Syria to his soldiers that they should neither attack any great nor smaller fighter but the disguised King Ahab alone. Consequentially, they succeeded in killing King Ahab who had no protection from God because of his evil deeds which brought him into God’s curse after his seal was used to order the killing of Naboth, and eventually His disobedience to the Prophet of God. 

Jehoshaphat was seen by the foes but they didn’t attack him because he knew the power of God which came as Word of escape. We have so many emergency exits in ultra modern markets, libraries, and at other public places where multitudes are hosted. The rationale behind this security measure is to provide an outlet of escape in times of fire outbreak, or any other impending disaster. Many are the evil plans plotted by the devil against the sons and daughters of God but the Word of God is there for their escape. 

Whenever the Word of God comes, we as children of God must receive it with obedience and gladness before Christ can govern our lives and keep us out of the devil’s dangerous flashpoints. We shall surely be delivered from all his devices and the Lord Jesus Christ will fight for us (Psalm 34:19, Exodus 14:14).


*PRAYER*: Oh God, let your Word grant me the escape from the weapons of Satan in Jesus name. *AMEN*




The word of God says that lack of knowledge my people perish (Hosea 4:6).Ignorance is leading so many people to destruction (hell). Many Christians do not know what SIN really is. Sin simply means missing the set mark of GOD. The word of GOD (Bible) and the spirit of GOD are the only ways that tells us the commandment of GOD. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin (James 4:17).The question is how many times do you read your bible? The basic needs of man are: food, clothing and shelter with the knowledge of GOD. Having these basic needs is not sin but how you came by these things determines whether sin is or not. The track is about adornment of women.

Mothers and sisters, it is very sad but the truth is many Christian women who die on earth go to hell because of their dressing. The bible speaks against worldliness. The LORD through his loving kindness is revealing to so many people all over the world about the things that are sending a lot of people including Christians to the hell which include women adornment and as it is written in 1John 2:15 which says “love not the world, neither the things of the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. Some of these adornments include: ornaments (earrings, nose ring, wedding rings, beads, pearls and all kinds of jewels), any pills, palmed, lotion, soap, tubs, use in toning or bleaching the natural colour of your skin, artificial hair Brazilian, Mongolian, Indian, animal (horse), weave-on, wigs, dread locks, twisting of the natural hair, perming, using chemicals and relaxes to change the natural state of your hair etc. All kinds of makeup, powder, lip stick, lip gloss, lip balm, mascara, eye lash, artificial nails, wearing of trousers or short nikas, legens, skinny, under nika, tattoo, short nikas, short skirt, sensual (sexy) cloth, short dress that do not go beyond the kneel when seated, transparent see me through all kinds of wordily cloth that exposes your breast and parts of the body are sinful before JESUS CHRIST. Your body is the temple of GOD. Also if any women defile the temple she shall be destroy (hell) 1cor 3:16, 2cor 3:16-17, 2cor 6:16, Rom 12:1-2.
Gen 3: 7-21 after eating the forbidding fruit, their eyes were opened and saw they were naked. Adam and Eve sew fig leaves and made themselves APRONS (what the women use in cooking) as clothes but GOD Killed a sheep and covered their nakedness and shame with the skin.

Do not put on trousers? Or nika Deut 22:5 because it is an abomination. Trousers are pattern designed for men (Priest) by GOD in Exo 28:2s4, Lev 6:10. Also I Tim 2:9-10 and 1Pet 3:3-5 women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shame fadedness and sobriety and peter says the women of old Sarah, Hannah, Jael, Zeporah, Miriam, and Mary etc, covered their nakedness in the fear and the knowledge of GOD and submitted in humility meekness to their husbands and leaders which in the sight of GOD a great price. And NOT with gold, rings earrings, rings, bracelet, chains that bring pride and arrogance BUT GOOD WORKS in the church and home. Do you cover your hair when praying? Reading your bible? , Ministering in the church and even at home 1Cor 11:1-15. Gen 1:31, GOD saw eve in her natural state and saw she was good. Every hole a women need in her body was created by GOD. Do you think GOD forgot to pierce a hole in your ear? Do you think wearing of earring makes you different from man? how did Adam get to know Eve was a woman? , or how are mothers able to know the sex (male or female) of their newly born babies? Where in the Bible is it stated that wedding rings (wedding bands) must be given as symbol for marriage? Hmmmm. *LACK OF KNOWLEDGE*…….

The women in Jacob’s household brought their earrings as (idol) and gods to Jacob at Sechem, Before they went to worship GOD at Bethel. That made the presence of GOD to come among them and HIS fear to their enemies at Gen 35:1-5. Also GOD commanded the Israelites to remove and never to put on ornament (Jewels) in Exo 33:4-5 and only to pierce the Hebrew men and women who choose to be servant (slaves) forever In Deut 15:12-17. Isa 3:16-26 states the judgment of GOD upon women that put on these things. Are you an Ishmaelite read Judge 8:24?
The first woman that used make-up in the Bible was called JESEBEL. 2kings 9:30, 7-10 when Jehu was sent to kill her, Jezebel painted (make-up) her face and tired her hair to seduce him into committing fornication, JESUS said in revelation 2:20-25 that the church has allowed Jezebel spirit that call herself prophetess of Baal to seduce his servant to commit fornication and to eat food sacrifice to idols. That woman was cursed by JESUS IN 2KINGS 9:30-37 she was killed (in the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel). All women that follow her teachings are daughters of her and will be curse with sickness and death (hell).
Do you know you are causing men to lust after you Luke 17:1-12? Gen 1:31 GOD created Eve and she was good in her natural state in the sight of GOD, are you in your natural state not for fashion but for JESUS? Many women of GOD, very powerful in miracles and winning souls for our LORD are in hell because of these things. It makes you filthy and naked in the sight of GOD. Like the woman (the great whore) in Rev 17:1-5 arrayed (dress) in purple and scarlet colour and decked with gold, precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hands full of abomination and filthiness of her fornication.

This is not about church doctrine or any Pastor, Pastor’s wife but about YOUR ETERNITY. Do not follow the multitude to do evil. Ex 23:2 our LORD is not a GOD of modernity, He is holy and without holiness no man will see the LORD. Heb 12:14. Ask the Lord for forgiveness of sin and *STOP!!! NOW*, because time is running out. Love your soul and not your flesh. Proverbs 31:31. Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain but the women that fear the LORD, she shall be praise.
[JOHN 14:15, 1Tim. 3:12]

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_”And this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us:”_(1John 5:14)


*”Christ’s name is the revelation of His Character. To pray “in His name” is to pray in His character, as His representative sent by Him: it is to pray by His Spirit and according to His will…To pray in His name” we must have identity of interests and purpose.”*(The Kneeling Christian) 

In the Book of Ephesians, the Holy Bible tells us about how God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that the imagination of man can produce. He is capable of supplying all our needs according His riches in glory. All the riches of God are safely entrusted in the hands and custody of our Lord Jesus Christ. The finest and richest things we can mention as needs of man, are all kept in the treasury of God in Heaven for a certain group of people.

These distinctive people are those who have benefitted from the vicarious atonement of our sins by Christ Jesus, and are having their will in harmony with His. In short, the will of God uncovers the purpose of our creation: thus, to serve Him in the sanctity of heart.

*Before we make our requests in the name of Jesus Christ, God will test us to know if we are worthy recipients of the things we are asking for. The cheque on which this unsearchable riches of God are, cannot be cashed by us at the Bank of Heaven for our self interests but for the glory of God.* 

If we get a lot of knowledge about this truth, we will not pray amiss by asking for what we wish to have outside God’s purpose which is to ask for what will benefit Him and not us (James 4:3). We will become partners of God as it were in the relationship between Him and Abraham. With this, we will ask everything only for the good of His work or  mission for us.

*Unlike the banks here on earth that do not check the character of the one who is coming in to cash money on another person’s cheque, the Bank of Heaven will have to screen your confidence in the fulfilment of God’s will. It shouldn’t discredit or dishonor her as the owner of the riches and all the wealths in Heaven for the earth.*


*PRAYER*: Dear Heavenly Father, let my request bring out your will for my existence in Jesus name. *AMEN*



_”Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by His faith.”_(Habakkuk 2:4)


Endurance is a common characteristic of patience and humility. Patience is a great companion of faith, which will need the breathing space of patience to survive. Prophet Habakkuk was given a fore notice by God to wait upon Him for the outcome of his prayers. 

God can choose to give us all that we need in life at a split of a second. However, have we asked ourselves why some answers to our prayer requests delay in coming only if it is in line with the will of God? God has given us His Spirit as believers of Christ Jesus, to make the best of voices which will unveil His mighty works. This will only occur under the convenience of faith. 

The more we remain in faith as the Centurion and the Samaritan woman showed proved to Jesus, the less our worry about what needs to take place within a period of expectation, especially of something beyond our control. If we have faith in God, His glory is made manifested and He sees us as His sons and daughters without a little doubt. (John 1:12).

We are not the only ones to show forth our faith in God who became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, and by His sacrifice of our redemption, He has the ability to provide us with all that we ask from Him. Talk about Abraham, Sarah, Enoch, Moses, Rebekah, Hannah and the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ who stood in the faith after His departure.

In our generation, if we aren’t able to show forth this faith in God that He is capable of providing all our needs, we will displease Him and that will come with punishment and regret. God is not a respecter of persons. If the early saints could have faith in Him and obey His Word, then we need to do more than they did because the Spirit of God for staying in the works of the faith, are given to our generation abundantly (Joel 2:28).

Are you expecting something from God? Though it may tarry, God says we need to remain at His feet because we have no other person or anywhere to go for aid. Strong association with God is what faith produces for us. Stand firm in the faith until He carries you to Heaven.


*PRAYER*: Lord, let my faith in you shoot up every day in the name of Jesus Christ. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: Refer to Genesis 1:1-3


Satan was cast down together with his fallen cohorts before the timely creation of the universe by God. Before God created this earth, the world was in chaos; in darkness, without form and void. Ask yourself this question; Is there any darkness in God who is the light of the world? No way. 

In the 28th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, we came to the acknowledge how God condemned Satan to hell even after forming him with great power, specialty and terror until Christ came to destroy his power with His death and resurrection. He was cast down from Heaven to the pit of hell because of his pride and his ability to beguile the fallen Angels who came along with him.

Despite the fact that God punished him with eternal torture, he still has the power and wisdom over those who engage in sinful activities. What at all was the wisdom with which Satan cunningly convinced and deceived the fallen Angels who already knew the mightiness and omnipotence of God whom they should have followed instead. 

Just as the earth was without form, void and dark at the time that Satan had been casted down to this earth, so is he mapping up strategies to kill, steal and destroy the elects of God. The power with which he is doing all these diabolical activities to end souls in hell, wasn’t taken away from him after he beguiled man for the dominion God gave us. However, it took the dominion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to conquer him and crush his powers under our feet and His power for us is greater than that of Satan. Hallelujah!!!

*”Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”(2Corinthians 2:11)* The Devil is no longer having the power to wrestle and win us to his side but the weapon he is currently using is called deceptive wisdom which is only against the followers of Christ Jesus because he has won the sinful people of this world in advance. Satan is presently ruling over and regulating the systems of this world and his manipulations to win multitudes into eternal disaster in hell, is achieving results.

*Today, how many people on the face of the earth are faithfully and wholeheartedly belonging to the uprightness of Christ as He taught us? Well, the Word of God tells us that the gate of hell shall not prevail against us: but our explanation of the meaning of the word in the context, will reveal to us that in the ancient times, decisions were taken at the gates of walled cities by the leaders of a state or city. Therefore, the gates are referring to principalities as mentioned by the Spirit of God in Ephesians 6:12. The governments of this world are under the control of Satan, whose evil decisions are bringing this world into destruction.*

It takes the knowledge and wisdom of God in us to override and overcome the devices of Satan. The knowledge and wisdom with which the Lord created this world, have been given to us to nullify, neutralize and overpower the works of Satan only if obedience to God’s Word will be our hallmark. Beloved, if you don’t seek this wisdom of God from what the Holy Bible teaches us, we will always pray against the witches and wizards in our families and they will still be alive. 

*If we don’t work according to the wisdom and knowledge of God which will prevail in us in the presence of the Holy Spirit, then Satan can overcome us, as he has overcome multitudes already. Satan is controlling so many nations, factories, businesses, Churches, schools and he has won so many people who have proclaimed him their god. These worshippers are largely the occult groups known as Freemasonry and Illuminati. They carry so much influence and power at the helm of governmental affairs with democratic ideologies contrary to the Holy Bible, pushed for gay marriage aside transgender, promoted satanism through lots of captivating television programs for adults and kids in particular.* 

Again, these powerful groups are using so much human and financial resources, technology, fashion,  lustful games, music and video industries, pornography, lust of the flesh and pride of life.*We shouldn’t underrate the power they carry in this world because their agenda is working like that of their forefathers who tried to build the tower of Babel until God confused their mediums of communication* The devil wants a new world order to work the world in opposition to what God has established and these demonic groups in our societies are being utilized by them to destroy the world.

One can say that they are working around the clock together with demons and other ranks of evil doers to fulfill the agenda of Satan. *By so doing, so many doctrines of demons are introduced into churches where the Spirit of God is absent. Their crafty works are the major devices used by Satan to attack Christian purity.* *No wonder Satan has his own religions that have contributed extensively towards the shedding of blood and the practice of violence. Every world war is masterminded by them to destroy souls.* 

Christians who are walking in the holiness and righteousness of God due to the knowledge and wisdom, are the arch enemies of Satan who has been condemned forever. He wants to defeat these weapons God has given to us but with Christ Jesus on our side, and with our commitment to stay in obedience to His Word, Satan and his fallen Angels cannot defeat us.

*A strong hostility from the camp of Satan, will rise against us as long as we always work on how to perfectly fit into the likeness of Christ Jesus (Genesis 1:26-28).* From today, let the little foxes of sin like envy, bitterness, unforgiving attitude and the rest be arrested by the Spirit of God in us. *As long as the Word of God offers us the weapons of knowledge and wisdom, we can become holy and righteous people by doing what God demands from us.* Our prayer should be that, God should help us to love Him and ourselves like Jesus Christ and be holy even as He is holy. The power of God will be strong when you are at peace with all men, in long suffering, overcome every test, persecution and temptation which comes our ways. May the Lord bless us all. Amen.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, let me be like you always. AMEN*



_”Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”_(Psalm 100:2)


God recognises our gladness as a ministry. Worship comes with gladness which comes from deep within our hearts. An appreciation to serve the Lord God in appreciation, must surely show forth in our day to day affairs unconditionally. Gladness is a form of service which tells God that we are content with Him in spite of the challenges that may confront us.
Wide difference prevails between Christians of this generation and this is because a group of Christians perceive of gladness as the outcome of answered prayers: the genuine ones see serving God as gladness and satisfaction in their nothingness. The joy of the Spirit of God is a fruit which God demands from all Christians because once you have Christ Jesus, you have everything it takes to be joyful.

In Philippians 4:4, we are told by the Spirit of God to rejoice always and not just for some time. Sing songs that will exalt the Lord and speak of His mightiness, praise Him for His sacrifice upon your life. This is one of the ways of revealing our gladness in the Lord to translate our nothingness before Him, into total contentment with Him. Gospel songs give glory to God, and such a gladness displayed in godly songs, is an asset which cannot be taken from a practitioner of gladness in Christianity.

Sing your gladness from the bottom of your hearts to uplift your spirit so as to keep you in wide distance from secular and satanic songs that will invite demons to your life.


*PRAYER* Heavenly Father, let me serve you with gladness in Jesus name. *AMEN*



“And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”
Luke 24:32KJV
Intimacy with Christ Jesus has the tendency of changing us into His image. The scripture is the Word of God and the Word is Christ. The key to the Bible is Christ. Many read the Bible but do not understand because they haven’t any relationship with the one whom they’re learning about. They just explain it like any other book. They read it like newspaper, and cannot comprehend anything in it. And even when the Truth is expatiated unto them by someone who has intimacy with the Truth, they don’t accept it, for their hearts have not yet burn within them.

The Bible says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” 2Tim. 3:16. The scripture is given by the Holy Spirit. Your heart will never remain cold when Christ explain His words to you; for it will be set ablaze, it will burn within you so much that you’ll be left with nothing less than obedience.

The disciples who were going to the village of Emmaus walked with Jesus before He opened His words to them. Are you walking with JESUS? Does your heart burn when you hear His words? Is the scriptures opened unto you? None can explain the Word of God to you so vividly as the one who is the Word Himself.
PRAYER: Open my eyes to your Words, Lord Jesus and let my heart burn in love for you in your name I pray.


_”Thou shalt not take thee a wife, neither shalt thou have sons nor daughters in this place”_(Jeremiah 16:2)


Many couples have lost their ticket to Heaven on account of one particular reason called selfishness. Marriage as an institution was ordained by God for His own interest to be revealed in the oneness of two different people of the opposite sex with the mind of Christ. Conditions for choosing a partner is not centered around natural attraction, lust, beauty, wealth, property or any other.

God knows the perfect rib or match for each and every man or woman. The two shall become one flesh and irreplaceable by any third party. Presently, people still marry along the line of tribal sentiments, discrimination and seduction. It could be that you can do nothing without the lady or the gentleman you have targeted but they may not be your right partners. Don’t make any mistake about it or think along the line of worldly deception that you are growing old. It will lead you to marry an agent of the devil who is an angel of light.

God should be complaining, not you. Husbands and wives are made to stay in love which won’t make them feel shy when they are naked. It is so because if you two are really one, then it will be the same as stripping yourself naked in the bathroom. Do you fee shy? When the two become one flesh in companionship, thoughts, love and peace, then Christ will be at the helm of affairs in the family.

The Bible is teaching all wives to submit themselves to their husbands as husbands are also to submit themselves to Christ. Take a break here and let us come to a full comprehension of that textual declaration for all Christians. The clue here is that the two of them have become one in the Spirit of God, and on top of that Christ Jesus is married to this one which is no longer two. God won’t allow you to be married to the one that will turn your hear away from Him and stage rivalry against Him.

That is why Jesus Christ is coming for us as His bride. Let us be performing our responsibilities as marriage partners and give our whole hearts to Jesus Christ, our sweet love.


*PRAYER*: Lord, teach me to love you as a faithful spouse in Jesus name. AMEN*