“And what can David say more unto thee? for thou, Lord GOD, knowest thy servant.”
2Sam. 7:20KJV

How outstanding are the promises of God! It comforts the comfortless, soothes the sorrowful, and cheers His children. The Lord vividly outline the purpose of His children to them when they have a relationship with Him. Throughout the whole bible, we find God telling the purpose of those He called to them. When Moses first encountered God, He showed him why he had called him. Christians who are living out their heavenly purposes are those who have truly encountered Christ.

David was astounded for the promises of God in His life. He knew God and believed that God also knew Him for he had a love relationship with the Almighty. On hearing all that God said concerning his life, he begun to pray and praise God for his promises. He was short of words in gratitude and adoration unto his maker. Therefore, he proclaimed, “And what can David say more unto thee? for thou, Lord GOD, knowest thy servant.” Yes, how can he possibly express his obligations unto the lover of His soul? For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

When we stand in the promises of the Lord in our lives, let’s not question and doubt how or when it will come to pass in our lives, but let’s praise the one who had promised us, knowing that He is faithful and He will do it; For His promises are true and they’ll surely come to pass. PRAISE THE LORD! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
PRAYER: How wonderful is your name, mighty Savior, for your glorious promises upon my life. Help me to have faith in them and build my life on it in your name.


“Then went king David in, and sat before the LORD, and he said, Who am I, O Lord GOD? and what is my house, that thou hast brought me hitherto?”
2 Sam. 7:18KJV

When king David became the king of all the Israelites, he thought of initiating his long heart desire of building a dwelling place for the Lord. The Lord immediately sent Prophet Nathan to deliver His words to him: “Go and tell my servant David, Thus saith the LORD, Shalt thou build me an house for me to dwell in? Now therefore so shalt thou say unto my servant David, Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I took thee from the sheepcote, from following the sheep, to be ruler over my people, over Israel. And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. (v. 5, 8, 12-13).

Indeed, the Lord gave David great and astounding promises that his very heart was full of joy. Nothing was left for David to do than bow before the Lord in worship and gratitude. Whenever we receive the promises and words of the Lord, our heart should be in constant adoration unto our lovely Lord whose promises fail not— they’re still yes and Amen. Do you remember where God took you from? David remembered and said, “Who am I, O Lord and what is my house that you’ve bestowed all these goodness upon my life? What is man that you’re mindful of him?

“Who am I, that the lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name
Would care to feel my hurt?
Who am I, that the bright and morning star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart?

“Not because of who I am
But because of what you’ve done
Not because of what I’ve done
But because of who you are

I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still you hear me when I’m calling
Lord, you catch me when I’m falling
And you’ve told me who I am
I am yours

Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love
And watch me rise again?
Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me?” (A song)
PRAYER: I am yours, my Lord JESUS. Help me to worship you all the days of my life on earth in your matchless name.


_”Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.”_(Proverbs 17:13)


Reward is given to a person who excels in an activity or puts up good deeds. It is the outcome of a good conduct and performance which isn’t the same as punishment. Moral teachings in Christianity underline the fact that, evil deeds deserve attract punishment. The Holy Bible has taught us to forgive those who offend us; because our Lord Jesus Christ shed Hus Blood for the forgiveness of our sins.

Good things flow into the paths of good people who have full knowledge about the significance of being enlightened by the knowledge in God’s Word. Those who pay good people with evil in exchange, shall receive the multiple results of evil because that is what they deserve. On the other hand, if a good person with the fear of God pays back evil with good, then this means that he or she governed by the Word of Christ and this Word shall richly dwell in him or her.

Jesus Christ is telling us to escape from the consequence of returning good with evil or paying people back with their evil coin. On condition that a Christian retaliates an evil act, He will be guilty against the Holy Blood of Jesus for staining one’s washed garment with an unforgiving act. The generation of any one who pays back evil with evil, are not exempted from all manner of curses and bad omens; because there has been an unforgiving weapon against the Blood of Christ and that is enough to stain one’s white garment.

Always forgive those who rise against you, even when your case is genuine. Others must see Christ in us as we continue to forgive those who wrong us and provoke us to retaliate evil deeds. This single act of exercising permanent good deeds towards every body as Christians, will save evil from befalling our generation.


*PRAYER*: Give me the grace to pay evil with good all the time, Oh Lord Jesus Christ. *AMEN*



_”Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.”_(Ezekiel 39:29)


A famous expression which is mostly used by those who embark on prayers and fasting at solitary times, is to seek the face of God. The face of God breaks out His glorious light upon our lives. When Moses had wanted to see the face of God, He told him that he could not see his face and survive. For this reason, He turned His back for him. The light on His face is like the sun within a close radius. 

Who can hide and operate as an agent of darkness against any child of God? Look at how the brightness of the face of Jesus Christ was able to strike down and blindfold Saul who later on became Apostle Paul. There is power in the glory of God, and the Holy Spirit is the source of energy for all the Sons and daughters of God. 

God has poured out His Spirit upon us for a reason. His Spirit is the source of energy needed by man to dispense and function as His great light in our lives and in the lives of others. Just as a hurricane lamp without oil cannot produce any light, so is the life of man without the Holy Spirit. Our ability to function and have our being, is depending on the steady supply of the Holy Spirit from God.

How best are we shining after receiving the Holy Ghost energy? After fixing in dry cells into a radio set, you will have to switch it on before it can play. Bulbs without any source of energy to empower them, are good for nothing else because they are only use to produce light mankind. 

So is the life of any one who doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in him or her. Jesus Christ calls them comfortless like a person in grief and agony. We were not left as orphans by our Lord Jesus Christ but as princes and princesses of Heaven, who need to comfort themselves with the Holy Spirit and overcome sin. We need the Holy Spirit to make us live the life of Jesus Christ to the fullness. 


*PRAYER*: Holy Spirit, energize and direct me to function as an agent of righteousness in Jesus name. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) 


The whole happiness in this world cannot be compared to the joy that we will experience when we meet our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s greatest joy is to see that man has attained the complete stature in the accomplishment of His will. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to take up His yoke and follow him because He is meek and lowly in heart (Matthew 11:29). He that wants to be like Jesus Christ in order to partake in the divine nature of God, submits himself to His meekness. Knowledge about Jesus Christ will teach us that He is our Lord whom we have to serve in reverence. This will become our wisdom and it cannot be taken away from us. God wants us to trust in Him and distrust in our will in order for our paths to be directed by Him (Proverbs 3:5-6). That is a typical example of meekness. He wants to be in control over every thing of ours including what we eat and drink.

Born again as we are, we have become the offsprings of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Priest. That is why we belong to a royal priesthood and well set apart (1Peter 2:9). Moses was very meek unto death. He sought the will of God by consulting him for every thing and at the time when he appealed on behalf of the daughters of Zelophehad, God gave out a different answer to the usual one stated in the law. 

Deuteronomy 34:10 tells us about the inheritance of the earth by Moses, who could part the Red Sea because he was meek and had the power of God to inherit the earth in dominion. So shall all those who will be meek in submissiveness unto the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the unfailing prophecy of God in the Book of Revelation, we shall inherit this earth during the millennial age (Revelation 20:6-7). This is why the Lord wants us to be meek in order to inherit the new earth.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, make me a meek and righteous child of yours. AMEN*



_”BLESSED is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”_(Psalm 32:1)


Forgiveness is a great act of love which comes from God through the precious Blood of Christ. Initially, all sinned and fell short of the glory of God when the fall of man took place. Talking about the forgiveness of our transgressions and the washing away of our sins by the sacrificial Blood of Christ, we will come to know that our blood couldn’t have been clean enough to be used as a sacrifice for our sanctification. 

King David was not only a ruler of Israel but he was also a Prophet of God who was into very deep spiritual exercise called meditation. As the Holy Spirit inspired him, he came to acknowledge the truth behind the conditions necessary to be considered before one can be blessed. God doesn’t bless anyone to remain in his or her abominable way of life. That’s why food for his children are not meant for dogs as Jesus Christ told the woman in the Book of Matthew.

All to the glory of God, our sins are washed away for our souls and body to stay focused on how to turn to the obedience of God’s Word and become submissive to His will. After our sins are forgiven, all the blessings of God will be a gifts for us to enjoy but there is one important thing for us to consider: this consideration is about the need to abstain from sin and walk according to the holy path of God’s Spirit in us.

In other words, repentance goes with a great price to pay, and that is yo surrender our will to God and take up His will without tolerating any more evil and past rubbish lifestyles. Thus is the more reason why we are still counted among the living at this time of Christ’s imminent coming. We were forgiven by God to prove a point of genuine repentance, instead of being destroyed. 


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, thanks for forgiving me my sins, and granting me the opportunity to live according to your will.  *AMEN*



_”If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”_(John 7:17)


Doctrine is a belief or tenet which is especially talking about philosophical or theological matters. This issue of doctrine is responsible for the controversies between different religions with different views about how issues of life must be handled in order to make the life of humankind better and well secured, here on earth and even after death. In all these religions are scholars and literates who study to defend, practise and promote them to the people who are immediate or distant to them.

Behind every doctrine is a strong force from the top hierarchy of a religion, which sees to the enforcement and compliance of what has been accepted and believed to be right for mankind. Including the traditional religion in our societies, every religion has its own doctrines to regulate the lives of their believers. That is why they won’t permit other doctrines to convince and convert their members. People of the world without religion, are also living according to their doctrines and beliefs in worldliness and democratic freedom of life. 

At this point in our discussion, let us take a break and ask ourselves this very simple question. Which doctrine is the greatest among the rest? This question is not asked to trigger inter religious arguments, conflicts or tensions. Instead, it is meant for us to learn about the right place of worship to belong. 

God’s doctrine is called Jesus Christ. This doctrine is also known as the Word of God and it is recorded in the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ gave us the teachings of God, His Heavenly Father, died for the forgiveness of our sins and gave His Holy Spirit to us. He is now in Heaven, waiting for us to go by the doctrine of holiness and righteousness. At the end, they will bring us into His complete image and likeness and give eternity to our souls in Heaven.
It is very pitiful to know that, Jesus Christ was not guilty of any crime but He died for us to be liberated from eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire, after judgment is passed by Him based on His doctrine or way of life. He is the realest doctrine that the world needs because His teachings in comparison to that of other religions, are aimed at building humankind into His perfection, so as to guarantee eternal bliss for our souls. 

A number of organizations that call themselves Churches, have drifted from the true and undiluted doctrine (Colossians 3:12-17). Deception to believe in other doctrines outside the Christian way of living, has defiled them and stained their purity. This implies or portend that, the Word of God as interpreted by the Holy Spirit, is not enough for them (Ephesians 5:26-27). 

Know about such churches with the aid of these clues: such Churches will preach freedom in Christ to include enjoyment of worldly or satanic entertainment, drink and defend alcoholism, speak against the existence of eternal destruction and hell while the Bible proves its existence beyond reasonable doubt, bow down to statues and venerate the earthly mother of Jesus Christ, preach their belief in purgatory without biblical bases, others also preach the doctrine of Once Saved, Forever Saved in order to promote sin and carelessness of souls and many other deviations.

For those of us who seek the truth, let us know that we will find the undiluted doctrine of Christ Jesus in His Word. Don’t call it a Church belonging to Christ, if they force you to desist from worshipping God on any day or eating of some foods. Jesus Christ is enough for us to become His hope of glory. He will separate the wheat from the weeds and consume the weeds with everlasting fire. Jesus Christ is our doctrine, and Heaven is our home. Righteousness is the only Way into the holiness of God, and that alone will make us dwellers of Heaven after our death or rapture, for ever and ever. 


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, fill my inner man with your supreme doctrine. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: Refer to 1Samuel 18:6-9, and 1Samuel 31:1-6


One thing I have realized is that, every one will be able to tell you something about his or her wounds. Jesus Christ is not coming to rapture those who are bearing some weaknesses. Ask yourself, when are we going to overcome your weaknesses. This weakness is like a wound which always brings about pain. Our Lord Jesus Christ warns us through the ministration of His Word and through His prophecies.

There is only one thing that cannot happen in the life of mankind: that is, God has not allowed anybody with any form of weakness to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. When will we overcome our weaknesses without being comfortable with them? Saul’s first wound was anger. After the Lord had given victory yo the House of Israel by using David to kill Goliath, King Saul got envious and angry because he taught that glory had been given to David instead of him, for the times that he led the people of Israel to defeat many people. This followed him to hate David unto his shameful death by committing suicide.

If we should get rid of God’s Word by remaining in our weaknesses, then they will become wounds that not be able to be healed. In Esther 7:1-10, we can find out about how pride became the wound of Haman, who had wanted to kill Mordecai and the Jews for not bowing down to him. At the long run, God’s anger will not cease to stare at the face of people until we repent and become transformed. Eventually, when God intervened for the Jews through the humble plea of Gehazi Haman was shamefully, hanged on the tree with his wound of pride.

Let’s turn one to learn about one of the wounds in the life of Gehazi which is still prevailing in our generation. He was a servant of  Prophet Elisha, who lived with covetous intention even while he was serving under him and that led him into bearing of the leprosy of which Naaman was healed. Many people of our days love to be wealthy at the expense of how God wants them to live their lives. Riches of this world are luring so many people to love the gifts of Mammon, while the Holy Bible has warned us not to worship the Spirit of Mammon.

Beloved, look at how Jezebel died with her wounds like whoredom and witchcraft. People are in Churches with wounds like witchcraft and sexual promiscuity, without any readiness to surrender their whole lives to Jesus Christ. Among such people are those who dress indecently like Jezebel and disown God’s natural appearance given to humankind. If people continue to live with these wounds, they will end up in hell with their wounds.

Judas Iscariot had thievery or corruption as one of his wounds, and died in with them. He took money from the Jewish council in exchange for the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and when he realised this wound, he eventually committed suicide (Matthew 27:3-5). What do you also love in this world? It could be love for fashion, marriage, fraudulence and many other wounds. Are your wounds on your eyes or in our ears? Don’t die without healing, and regret it in hell. All we have to do is to be healed and transformed into the Image of Christ. (2Corinthians 5:17 and  Ephesians 6:13-18)

The full armor of God should cover the whole spiritual and physical systems in order to prevent wounds from getting into contact with us. Make sure you don’t die with any wound. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will make you strong without any form of weakness as a wound.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, uproot all sorts of weaknesses from me and heal my wounds. AMEN*



_”What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?”_(Psalm 116:16)


Out of creativity, some African children are seen with the mixture of clay and water, kneaded for the moulding of so many things that are in the environment. It is a very common activity in some African schools and homes. One has to get the picture of what He wants to do, get smooth clay soil, remove all the gravels and unwanted particles from it before kneading it until it becomes very soft and ready to be moulded.

Beloved, God is the Potter and we are the clay. In each and every day, all that He wants from us is to surrender our whole hearts to Him for His Spirit to melt our stony hearts through His Word. When this is done, the end product is that, our hearts shall be fleshy and contrite without sin.

Heart in this context is referring to our emotions, outcome of your thoughts and our volition. God’s children can only present their hearts to Him only after departing from sins or attitudes hated by their Father who art in Heaven, stay away from all vicious practices, and walk in His Word. Which knowledge is moulding us and what are we being moulded into?

God wants to mould our soft hearts into the nature and character of our Lord Jesus Christ. He couldn’t have originally moulded us into His likeness in the times before sin came into the world, if we as clay had some thorns or other offensive particles in us. We should count it a great joy that our hearts can be moulded to become like that of Christ Jesus and presented to God as the most precious gifts only if we are guided by the wisdom of His Word every day.

Hearts as clayey soil with stumps, dead leaves, harmful things and other unwanted particles, cannot be moulded by the Holy Spirit, into the character of Jesus Christ our Messiah. This clean and pure heart is what He wants from us, nothing more and nothing less. He is the Governor of our lives who accepts only obedience and submission to His Word as beautiful donations.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, mould my heart into your kind and as I give myself to you, remove every unwanted character from me. *AMEN*



_”And the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD, when I have gotten me honor upon  Pharaoh , upon His chariots and upon his horsemen.”_(Exodus 14:18)


Israel had gone into captivity in the land of Egypt for more than four hundred years, before God finally brought them out to possess the Promise Land in freedom. No generation has ever witnessed a great one like our God and there will never be. The God of Israel who works within time frames and within the tenets of justice, wanted the Egyptians to know that He is far greater than their Pharaoh in terms of every thing.

Many people come to know about the greatness of God through their experience of bitter and horrible experiences before finally coming to think otherwise. Sorcerers, idol worshippers, and all those who don’t believe in salvation through Jesus Christ, are all in opposition to the sovereignty of God. They don’t accept that He has no competitor in every thing. Life comes from His breath, all things were created by Him and He is going to judge humankind, whom He Himself created in His image and likeness.

Living without high regards for God’s sovereign authority, is a way of despising Him as someone who is like an ordinary man or spirit. Be careful about how you see God and what He is capable of doing. If we see nothing wrong with the lives of sinners, it doesn’t mean that they are right and God is wrong. Instead, God has given them the grace period to turn things around or He will have no other option than to add them to the dwellers of hell. That is where He will allow demons to torment you with the punishments in accordance with the sins committed: but one sad thing is that there is no turning back.

Can you pay the price for reducing God to the level of human beings like powerful rulers? It no, then this is the time for us to revere Him and walk in His Word more than in the ways of powerful people we adore more than God in the space of faithlessness. God is above every one. Know Him by obeying His Word with refusal to complain under any given condition.


*PRAYER*: Holy Spirit, arrest me to be free in the fear of God and His overall dominion in Jesus name. *AMEN*