MEMORY VERSE: “What knowest thou that we know not? what understandeth thou, which is not in us?” Job 15:9 (KJV)


The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. Before he can capture careless Christians, he deceptively entice them with reasons why they need to compromise on the knowledge of God. When this happens, they come to terms with the knowledge and wisdom of the world. They unknowingly act in line with the will of Satan, because they have come to a point where they have been misled by him to coexist with the knowledge of the world.

Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar were the knowledgeable friends of Job, who came initially, to visit him as comforters. According to the standard of the world, the knowledge in which they spoke, was correct. However, it was not divine. They misunderstood the permission God had given to Satan to afflict Job in his temptation to know, whether he was as upright and perfect as God had testified of him. They wanted Job to forcefully accept that he lost everything including his children, and was smitten with sores all over his body because of his iniquities. Job refused to agree with them, because as a righteous man, it would have embittered him to forsake God in his heart.

We know that the Holy Bible is the source of divine knowledge by which we can walk in the counsel of God, through Christ our Lord. Today’s memory verse is teaching Christians not to allow the world to indoctrinate us in any way. We must bear in mind that we know what they don’t know, and we know better than they do. What they know is in relation to the finite wisdom of this world, and not as divine as ours. No matter how knowledgeable our friends may be, we must not accept their counsels, if they contradict the Word of God.

We rather have to feed them with divine knowledge. We can do so only when we are identified in deeds and words by this kind of supernatural knowledge. The Kingdom of God will surely welcome us, when our lifestyles define the meaning of divine knowledge.
*PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, make my life a product of divine knowledge. AMEN*