*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”_(Proverbs 3:6)


“Seven Mountains”, is an eye opening and very educative Christian documentary which points out some secrets of the devil in this generation. In this documentary, one will get to know that Business is one of the Seven Mountains where a war is being waged by Satan, against the Children of God.

Going on to talk about the bearing that exists between humankind and the deceptions, one can say that people are being misled by their bad choices in business. *When he gets the mind and heart clipped by his devices til one’s death, he’s done.* Love for money is the reason why the forces of Satan can gain control over one’s business (Matthew 6:24). One who loves money is the one who thinks that money can get a whole lot of things for him or her without checking its association with lust of the flesh and the pride of life. 

Such people are burdened with a lot of vain things of this world: they even love to get double of certain things and dispose of the current one for the most current in market. Just as the Spirit of God is working hard to occupy the heart and mind of workers, so is Satan pushing hard against this occupation and administration by God’s Spirit. *It is impossible for Satan to overthrow the power of God. However, Satan can only win over humankind who is the carrier of God’s Spirit.*

In your business organizations and all forms of daily economic transactions, let the Word of God determine what is to be done right. *Customers with high demands shouldn’t deceive you to do what will shoot up your income or profit in a dubious way. *In addition to the point raised above, never let your devotion to business be stronger than your devotion to sanity and holiness in our daily lives since we do our business in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Work should never make you feel lazy to go to Church or perform Church responsibilities.* When money is enough to provide food, clothing, shelter, and how to fend for the family, let it be enough for us.  


*PRAYER* Dear Lord Jesus, direct my paths and bring me to a purposeful end in your name I pray. *AMEN* 




*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”…so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel”_(2 Samuel 15:6)


Absalom was a clear thief who succeeded in beguiling the hearts of the men of Israel, to be misled by Him. He stole their loyalty and allegiance which only had to be accorded to King David. *One steals when he doesn’t want to go through the requisite procedure before obtaining something.*

This strategy has achieved result for the devil, with specific reference to the way and manner souls are losing their focus on Heaven. We are told of the devil’s schemes by the Holy Bible. God doesn’t want us to be robbed by Satan because His Spirit has made us so heavy to be easily stolen by way of falsehood and deviation. Fix your eyes on the Kingdom of God every day, and do nothing until you always hear from Him before you act. Play the game of *”hear and act”* with God, and you will seldom be stolen by Satan.


*PRAYER* LORD, guide me from any form of satanic robbery in Jesus name. *AMEN* —————————————-



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain”_(Philippians 1:21)


The flesh hates to hear the Truth. Many mysteries are going to be unfolded in the year 2018. Some of them are in relation to the fulfilment of the Scriptures as far as the end time is concerned. In spite of the uneasiness we shall experience in 2018, our Lord Jesus Christ will still be by our side. It will be another time to live for Christ. *Be in the knowledge of the indisputable truth that living for Christ Jesus is more cumbersome than dying for Him (John 6:66-69).*

When Jesus Christ disclosed the mystery behind His body as the bread of life to be shared for all His disciples, it became a stumbling block to many of them. However, the Twelve Apostles stayed with Him and didn’t leave Him alone. Just as Peter said in the aftermath of other’s departure, the rest of the Apostles came to know that He was the Messiah who had the Good News of salvation for them. *We want to stand in the shoes of Peter who didn’t pay heed to the obstacles that could have come His way in living with the Messiah. It is our turn to endure and persevere in hard times which we will be coming across in 2018.*

Nowhere is better than being in the presence of God. What does it mean to live for Christ? When one lives, He has a permanent residence. If our bodies come altogether to form the Temple of God, then to live for Christ in 2018 means, doing everything in common and in oneness of faith. It also portends coping with everything, regardless of how bad a situation may be. Everything within our reach is more sinful than its good effect. Sin increases as days go by and for that matter, worse things will mature in 2018 but that doesn’t mean we can depart from the faith. *Difficulties in life mustn’t ever suffice nor be a greenlight for our rejection of Christ Jesus.* 2018 is a time to fight sin.

As for the flesh, it will always demand for everything in this world, and still be unsatisfied. The world is passing by, but let us stand for our Lord Jesus.


*PRAYER*:* Lord Jesus, help me never to walk alone in 2018. May I be by your side in your own name I pray. AMEN*



*”How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings”*.

Psalm 36:7KJV


There are countless reasons that men put their trust in God; some trust Him for their own benefit, thus, what they will receive from Him and not who He is. Most believers fail to acknowledge the Love of the Lord to His praise; they don’t even recognise it to appreciate it. *There is a secret place of the Lord; trusting and loving Him are keys to His secret place.* 

Those that are allured by the excellency of God’s lovingkindness  put their trust under the shadow of his wings. They dwell in the secret place of the Lord; they have an intimacy with Him. They’ve made God  their defence and trust and perceive his protection to be a most sure safeguard. 

For God’s lovingkindness is precious to them, they value and treasure it. They relish it; it’s a sweet savour unto them ;they admire God’s beauty, glory and love above anything in this world, nothing seems so adorable, preferable and lovable

 _Oh that you have eyes to behold the protection of those who trust under GOD’S wings for they  find themselves safe and easy, as the chickens under the wings of the hen!_

*PRAYER:* In you alone do I find rest oh Lord Jesus. Please help me to abide and trust under your wings in your name I pray. 




*”How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings”*. Psalm 36:7KJV

Good, better and best are words that are too weeny to explicate GOD’S love; It’s indescribably excellent, abundant and free. Some know the Love of God to be good, others too it’s the best but when you carefully and deeply experience and taste it, you will find it to be superb, splendid and supernal. 

Nothing in this world catches the eyes of those who believe and live in God’s love. They  know that they are alive because of this love, therefore, they neither abuse it nor take it for granted. They acknowledge it, embrace it and relish it. They do not love the world or the things of it for they’ve tasted and know the excellency of God’s love, therefore, all that their heart panted for is to Love Him even as He had loved them. Only the excellent eye comprehends this excellent Love and kindness. The excellent eye see things through GOD’S eye, it perceives things with the perception of God’s word and not the world. 

How excellent is the lovingkindness of God! How does it exceed all that we could have  anticipated! How far does it go beyond all that we deserve! Oh how it supersedes man’s thought and imagination! 


*PRAYER:* Thank you my Lord for your love. Please help me to appreciate and Live in it in your name Christ Jesus I pray.




*πŸ‘‰VERSE:* _*”And to knowledge, temperance:…”_(2Peter 1:6)


One of the properties of knowledge is the acquisition of information. It is the power of all who have it. Temperance is the moderation of passion, patience and calmness. *Every knowledgeable person has the need for temperance in all the activities he does because knowledge without temperance will lead to wilful ignorance and inexperience on the part of its acquirers.*

Knowledge about the Word of God is the key to every body’s success. If wisdom is the application of knowledge, then there is a way and manner through which temperance can offer assistance to the course of wisdom. *It controls addiction and beats carnality when there is the tendency of disastrous excessiveness. *Temperance brings us down to be exalted by the good things imparted into us by the Word of God, to exalt us.*

Every Christian needs to be temperate in every thing. Do not be lusting after so many things without measuring them with temperance. We need temperance in our conversation, temper, goals, wealth, and even in our choice making. With it, one will know where and when to talk decently. *Temperance is a great force which knocks down and regulates addiction.*


*PRAYER* Dear Lord, may I be filled with your virtue of temperance all the time in Jesus name. *AMEN*