πŸ‘‰MEMORY VERSE: _”And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come”_(Luke 19:13)


Naturally, humankind doesn’t appreciate what he owns. The people of Israel needed liberation from the hands of the tyrannical Egyptian Pharaoh. After the Lord had granted them this deliverance, they didn’t appreciate the saving power of God, and the freedom they obtained from slavery. Due to insubordination, only two of them were able to finally arrive in the Promised Land with the younger generation.

Thus has not seized in our generation at all. By the grace and mercy of God, God saved us from the shackles of sin and provided emancipation from the oppression against our souls. It is time for us to worship God according to His high preferential order of holiness but we are not doing our best to make His grace useful. Satan has succeeded in pulling down many churches who began well. They couldn’t occupy until the coming of Christ and that is eternally punishable. 

To call yourself a Christian, one will have to work out his or her salvation diligently for God’s reward. How pitiful it is in our generation! As Most Churches cannot preach, promote, practice and encourage holiness because they have unraveled the difficulty involved in standing firm for the Lord unto the end. With faith and truth, we can prove an incredible point to God.

Christianity is like running with a spoon with egg on it. The more you run, the more it becomes dangerous for you to stay cautious in order not to crack the egg. Faith in God has to be preserved like the precious egg. If we carry the egg of faith like a spoon, no matter how people lose their eggs it shouldn’t be so in our case. Truth is the only weapon which can command freedom (John 8:32). One who has the Truth, needs to obviously be strong in the faith he is to die for. The work we are called to do, is to present our faith in God to the world.

Jesus Christ occupied Himself with the will of God until He finished on the Cross of Calvary (Romans 13:11-14). We have the opportunity to serve God in His holiness. Let the time and space in our disposal be delicately held with much priority. The enthusiasm with which we are to approach our spiritual responsibilities as Christians, must not depreciate or fade out. This will intend our daily engagement with acts of worship either than worrying ourselves with worldly things. Martha occupied herself with the unnecessary burden but Mary knew with conviction that being with Jesus Christ, was the right and most important thing to be done (Luke 10:38-42).

Ascribe no reason for your inability to labour for the Lord, occupy yourself with Church activities, preach the Gospel and stand for the truth in holiness until the day of accountability (Philippians 1:5-6, Matthew 10:34-39, Philippians 2:12-16, Colossians 3:23-24).


*PRAYER*:Dear Spirit of God, assist me to render clean account unto my Lord Jesus Christ. *AMEN*





πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain”_(Philippians 1:21)


The flesh hates to hear the Truth. Many mysteries are going to be unfolded in the year 2018. Some of them are in relation to the fulfilment of the Scriptures as far as the end time is concerned. In spite of the uneasiness we shall experience in 2018, our Lord Jesus Christ will still be by our side. It will be another time to live for Christ. *Be in the knowledge of the indisputable truth that living for Christ Jesus is more cumbersome than dying for Him (John 6:66-69).*

When Jesus Christ disclosed the mystery behind His body as the bread of life to be shared for all His disciples, it became a stumbling block to many of them. However, the Twelve Apostles stayed with Him and didn’t leave Him alone. Just as Peter said in the aftermath of other’s departure, the rest of the Apostles came to know that He was the Messiah who had the Good News of salvation for them. *We want to stand in the shoes of Peter who didn’t pay heed to the obstacles that could have come His way in living with the Messiah. It is our turn to endure and persevere in hard times which we will be coming across in 2018.*

Nowhere is better than being in the presence of God. What does it mean to live for Christ? When one lives, He has a permanent residence. If our bodies come altogether to form the Temple of God, then to live for Christ in 2018 means, doing everything in common and in oneness of faith. It also portends coping with everything, regardless of how bad a situation may be. Everything within our reach is more sinful than its good effect. Sin increases as days go by and for that matter, worse things will mature in 2018 but that doesn’t mean we can depart from the faith. *Difficulties in life mustn’t ever suffice nor be a greenlight for our rejection of Christ Jesus.* 2018 is a time to fight sin.

As for the flesh, it will always demand for everything in this world, and still be unsatisfied. The world is passing by, but let us stand for our Lord Jesus.


*PRAYER*:* Lord Jesus, help me never to walk alone in 2018. May I be by your side in your own name I pray. AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”Yet I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no God but me: for the there is no Saviour beside me.”_(Hosea 13:4)


Talking about the difficulties from which our Lord Jesus brought us, we will realize that they are different from the hardships that we encounter in our personal lives in each and every day. He was born to lift off the yoke of sin which brought mankind into perpetual condemnation without any iota of hope. After that, salvation was assured all those who would surrender themselves in belief, to His divine mission for our own good.

Perhaps many of us have forgotten that God doesn’t share His glory with any other person. That notwithstanding, Jesus Christ is the only one who could become the Saviour of the World, just as the Bible refers to God the Father as the Saviour (1John 4:14, Matthew 1:21).

As we celebrate His wonderful birth in this august season, let us not allow His work to sink into oblivion because it will be like underrating His saving grace. That will spell a doom for us. *He has provided us with salvation as the ticket to Heaven, and we must be willing to hold fast such a great gift which cannot be bought with money.* Sin stole the glory of God from us and kept us lacking the grace of God until our caring Saviour came in to restore the glory unto us (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). 

*Passionately celebrate the Saviour with all your heart, devoid of any worldly connection.* Happy season!!!


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, your birth was the beginning of what you had to do in my life. As we celebrate you, kindly begin new things in our lives. *AMEN*



πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.”_(1John 4:14)


Jesus Christ is indisputably the Saviour of the whole world. This truth is not known and accepted by sects of people who fail to believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. They regard Him as the Saviour of Christians alone and this is a way of exempting themselves from His Lordship. Through our belief in Him, He has made us His witnesses every where in this world (1John 4:14).

None of His attributes can be ascribed to any other religious leader apart from Him. This conviction of faith granted us the boldness needed to testify of His saving power. He is the Saviour of the world, who did what no man can ever do (John 4:42). The world in the context of our memory verse refers to all believers in Christ who were dead to righteousness and only alive for worldliness.

Sin was taking humankind into eternal destruction until God sent His only begotten Son in the person of Jesus Christ. He took the form of the flesh, though He was not born of a man but woman, He had to be born in order for His blood to be shed for the remission of our sins. This is the time for us to be awakened from coldness. We are saved to hold fast our salvation with vigilance (John 3:16, Matthew 1:21).


*PRAYER*: Hallowed Father, thank you for saving us from the hopelessness of sin through your Son Jesus Christ. *AMEN*




πŸ‘‰VERSE: _”He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame”_(Proverbs 10:5)


To be brief, grace is an unmerited favor. It is the free gift of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, for every sinful individual who believes in Him.  Irrespective of anyone’s status, the grace of God is a chance for every one do the will of God and serve Him appropriately. 

The Lord wants us to live Him back as a way of fulfilling His righteousness, for which reason He graced us a lot. He loves those who love to stay according to His grace (Proverbs 8:17). However, the emphasis here is about how we demonstrate our love to God with all our hearts in order for His righteousness to be found in us. In the Book of Proverbs, we are told by God to make use of this opportune time to harvest the bumper fruit out of the grace we have gotten from Him (Proverbs 10:5). In these last days, we are not to be sinful as the lazy servant who sleeps without gathering any thing for His Master.

Expounding Psalm 105:3-5, we will get to know that God wants us to seek Him and keep Him at heart. Christ went through bitter maltreatment for our sins, that we may be saved by His Grace. Grace is the strength Christ has given us in order to strive hard enough to pluck the fruit of life. Is there any excuse we can give to justify our impotency to act in the love of God? No. He has graced us a lot to ward off any guilt from us. It is the grace of God which becomes an evidence for God to judge every one according to their deeds. How do you appreciate this grace? Are you graced but guilty?


*PRAYER*:Lord Jesus, may I cherish your grace above every thing. Make it impossible for me to err against you. *AMEN*



A certain group of believers refer to themselves as Christians but they are not. They establish doctrines contrary to the Holy Word of God, deceiving millions of souls across the world. THEY ARE IDOLATROUS BELIEVERS WHO ARE HONORING AND VENERATING ASTAROTH, THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN. They read the Bible in their Churches without defining the pillars of their belief systems based on it. Demons in such Churches are so strong enough to bring them up on their feet for contention, when one points out something evil about them.
 Christianity and idolatry are two different beliefs. They are not the same and none of them accepts doctrinal infiltration from the other. (Deut 27:15, Psalm 97:7, Exodus 20:4, 1John 5:21) They feel bigger than the Bible itself. Many are the doctrines that support their INFAMY without shame. Don’t follow such a CLEVER COUNTERFEIT OF CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE THE POWER TO ESTABLISH IDOLATROUS DOCTRINES FOR THEIR FOLLOWERS TO DEVIATE FROM CHRIST. BELIEVE IN CHRIST AND COMPLY STRICTLY TO HIS WORD (Galatians 1:8, 1Timothy 2:5)
*✍🏿A. J. Amankwaa*

(Truth to Heaven Ministry, Kumasi)


Message by: Ps. Moses D.Ametepeh on Monday, 30th October,2017.


Acts 1:4-8, Luke 1:35, 2Cor. 1:20-22, Gal. 3:14.

Every heavenly minded christian must wait for the promises of the Holy spirit. Waiting is to stay at one place until a particular thing happens. Promise is to trust someone that you will definitely do something for them. The beginning of Christianity, Heaven and being like the Lord Jesus is the Holy Spirit. As christians, our character and speech is the Holy spirit. So if one becomes a christian and the speech or Character hasn’t changed, then that person has not yet encounter the Holy Spirit. Our destiny and strength is the holy spirit. It’s the Holy spirit that will make me rapturable. We have a foundation,Heaven-like character and strength to overcome sin if we receive the promise of the Holy spirit and when he overshadows us. We are waiting for a promise greater than any in this world. If you aren’t able to withness about Christ, then it means you havn’t any strength. The Church was able to increase and grow when the Holy spirit came to dwell in the hearts of the disciples.

The Lord Jesus came in the form of the holy spirit (Luke 1:35); and that was the first fulfilment of the promise of the Holy spirit. So when Mary allowed herself to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, she gave birth to GRACE which came to save the whole world. Praise the Lord! I pray that whatsoever promise of the Lord in your life will come to pass in Jesus’ name. Amen.
There is a greater promise there for you; very powerful and everlasting, let it come upon us in Jesus’ name. Sin will never decay you when the Holy spirit seals you for the rapture; there are some people who have been sealed by the Holy spirit and are waiting for the rapture. May we be part in Jesus’ name.


The Lord Jesus walked, spoke and grew in the Holy spirit (Matt.3:10,Luke12:49-53). You always remain uncomfortable when you don’t envangelise, pray and read the word of God if you have the promise upon you. And you will have issues with others because of the Holy spirit in you for you will be full of fire as they are in the flesh. When the Holy spirit comes upon you, your enemies will be many and friends will be few for your whole being, your bible and even where you step your foot is full of fire.(John16:7-13). If the Holy spirit truly lives in you, He will convicts you of sin and you won’t be able to sin. So if you are a christian who speaks in tongues and is still diving in sins, then the holy spirit isn’t yet in you.

Many churches are not able to preach the truth because the Holy spirit that convicts us of sin had long left them. He will leave you if you refuse to heed to his conviction of sin. The Lord wants to tell us so many things but our spirits aren’t in level with His. If your spirit is higher, the Lord will reveal His glory unto you even whiles you are asleep. Your dreams, thoughts and the things that you do shows where you are spiritually and the level of your spirit. So if you dream of eating, then it means your spirit is down.


The Lord will never hide anything from you when you have fellowship with the Holy spirit. He can even reveal to you your time of death, for I know some Christians whom the Lord reveals the time of their departure from here unto them because their spirits were high and in level with His. (John17:15-19; 20:19ff.) If the Holy spirit isn’t in you, you won’t believe anything for you’ll not have the spirit’s language to understand. You exceed limits and do what’s impossible in the sight of men when the Holy spirit comes upon you and you will have peace also. May the Lord opens the eyes of our understanding. (John 21:15-17).
The Lord Jesus told His disciples to wait for the promise in Jerusalem. And before that, Peter denied himself by ceasing to be a fisherman and professed of loving the Lord. So you have to deny yourself and wait for the promise of the Holy spirit for that’s the power(Acts 2:1-7). The disciples waited for 10 days before the pentecost day. The first promise that they had was the speaking of the tongues. This is where christians fail, they speak tongues, yet gossip, fornicate and commit all type of sin; if so then what type of tongues are they really speaking?
What identify men is language, so what identify you as a child of God is the language that you speak not just speaking in tongues, that’s a sign of the Holy spirit.

The disciples begun to speak other tongues, meaning that their tongues were changed from sin and fleshly speaking unto Heavenly and God’s language. With this, they started speaking against sin; that’s repentance. So if you are speaking in tongues and are in sin, put a stop to it! We gossip and speak immorally with our own language. When the disciples are being deceived, they rather bless their deceivers than insulting them because they haven’t the tongues of insults. But what about you, do you insult and after speak in tongues?

You will preach Christ, His kingdom, Judgement and Hell when you have the Holy spirit. (Acts2:31-33, 36-41. The reason why many are not saved though we preach is that the same tongue we use to preach is being used to gossip and hasn’t changed.(Acts 2:17). The revelation of Christ is a prophecy so when you preach about His kingdom, then it means you are prophesying. One of the prophecy is the Lord speaking through you and the other is testifying about Christ. The vision and the dream is not all about seeing something but to identify the vision and mission of CHRIST. So in Christianity, your vision and mission is Heaven.


The Promise is in 3 folds
These are;
1. Prophecy
2. Vision and dreams
3. Holy spirit’s miracles.

I may not be able to elaborate on all but let’  first take Prophecy.
2Pet.1:21. When the Holy spirit baptises me, I will speak in the direction that He leads. So if I speak anyhow, it means there isn’t any power in my tongue. Many great men of God don’t like too much talking. When you want to talk, speak in the direction of the Holy spirit. The Lord Jesus kept mute when He was bombarded with questions. When your tongue is changed, you will speak of the mysteries of the Holy spirit. God can’t use you when you are a talkative. (Eph. 6:19-20,Col. 1:26-29;4:3-4). You will boldly speak when the Holy spirit is upon you. (Acts 4:1-4,12-13,17-20,31-34). 
So the Promise is about the Holy spirit changing our tongue and giving us visions, dreams and wonders.(Matt. 12:34-37).
We speak against the Holy spirit by accepting that He lives in us yet dive in sins. Thus speaking in tongues and at the same time lying and gossiping.(Eph. 4:30-31). So be wary of your tongue. (Heb.6:4-6).

I pray for the promise of God for us all, take it in Christ Jesus’ name. May the Lord bless us all.