“Let thy mercy, O LORD,  be upon us according as we hope in thee.”_(Psalm 33:22)


Humankind lives on the mercies of God. This is undeniably true because it is the mercy of God which is keeping us breathing until the time we die. In effect, there won’t be any mercy in the aftermath of our death. Gospel truth like this, is the right weapon to defeat and abolish the belief held or opined by some adherers and believers who share in the lies of mercy after death. 

Specifically, the only hope of every living soul is to die in Christ and finally end up with Is Creator in Heaven. If that is not your goal in life, then Satan has a fruit of ignorance for you. God’s Word tells us that He will have mercy on those He will have mercy. As a result of that, all our wish in life is to receive the mercy of God in productive times like this, doing all that His mercy has pardoned us to put aright. Therefore, our greatest prayer is to ask for the tender mercies and loving kindness to endure for us. 

Jesus Christ is the hope of our glory. The glory in this context will come only when we have received His mercies and turned into new leaves. Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary to atone for our sins by writing them off with His blood in order for us to be stainless and prepared in absolute godliness. His sacrifice shows that God will go every length to forgive us our sins. His mercy towards us is the expression of His greatest love for humanity.

The main reason God shows mercy to mankind is not only to save us from wallowing in hell, neither is it to provide us with the greenlight to continue sinning. It is to being us into the rejection or abolition of sin, and into communion with Him in holiness and righteousness. Without holiness or sinlessness, no one can see the Lord. The mercy of God is not to cripple us in sin or fuel our persistence in  stubbornness.

His mercy is to free us from sins and grant us the likeness of Holy God, our Father. He who has hope in the God of Israel, will have to receive His mercy in order to accept to walk in His ways and make it to Heaven.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, have mercy on my soul on the last days. AMEN*





👉MEMORY VERSE: “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18) 


One of the things that makes mankind different from animals is that man has love. A person without love is a person without a heart. Marriage is to be built on our Lord Jesus Christ whose love is the source of sustainability in marriage. In a home, there could be a lot money, and many other assets but without love, the marriage will surely be in crises (Genesis 29:31-35).

To husbands, the Word of God teaches us to give honour unto our wives in the knowledge of God (1Peter 3:7, Ephesians 3:7). Love that is to show in the family, must be an everlasting love without lust. Love covers a marriage of sins in the sense that you will have to accommodate their weakness but root out sin from the marriage. A husband that loves his life must treat her as human who needs affection,and not as a caretaker.

Let us hereby expand the meaning of the previous statement. The husband’s urge shouldn’t only desire for sex before the wife will be seen as useful. Where love overflows, there is a sweet fragrance and the spirit filled life, that surpasses mere declaration of love to each other. The Man’s love for his wife,can be compared to the church. The purpose for loving our wife shouldn’t be based on the help that we have from them.

We have to make sure that,she is happy,health and holy to God. Coming down to the love that should be expected of a wife, let us read from 1Peter 3:4-6. Every woman in marriage is told by the Lord to manifest meekness and teachable spirit in the marriage. She is not to nag or complain about any uncomfortable situation but she needs to humble herself and endure  under all circumstances. (Romans 7:1-2) Your husband is your Lord and need to control affairs in the house,including his reception of message from God,and let him build up the family on a solid spiritual foundation. As your Lord, he is the one to direct you to God who is your spiritual leader (1peter 3:6).

In the book of Titus 2:4,we are hereby admonished to love our help mates and our children but we shouldn’t love our children more than our husbands. If you really love your husband, you will have to listen and obey every divine instruction he gives you.(Romans 13:10)(1John 4:17-21)(1Corinthians 13:4-7). When love is in a family,none of the spouses has to despise or underrate the other with the money, status or properties that they have.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus, let your love abound in my family life. AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: “And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the LORD’s law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the LORD brought thee out of Egypt.” (Exodus 13:9) 


Old men and women were once young. All that we do or own will be left for others. Athletes run forward until they get to the finish line, without turning to run backwards. God didn’t want the descendants or post generations of the redeemed Hebrews to ever forget His covenant through Abraham which we are  beneficiaries, and His saving power with which He rescued the children of Israel from the captivity in Egypt. If legacy is to be in the form of a race, then we will say that Abraham passed down the mantle of God to Isaac and from him to Jacob (Israel), and all Christians after him.

In every household, the Lord chooses some people to set examples for their children to know what God wants, His perfect will and works, and what he dislikes (Judges 2:10-11). That is how the Lord has made us in order for the knowledge about the Word of God to prevail for ever without ever departing from the hearts and minds of humankind. Everything that we do must testify of the fear of the Lord God. What legacy will we leave behind for our families, ministries and at our workplaces? Take a look at this. Just as curses in a family come through one person, so does blessings come through one person.

Our inheritance is greater than money, gold, houses, cars or businesses. It rather has to do with the qualities of God in us, including Jesus’ godfearing and holy characters in our lives. A life of devotion to God, holiness, and saintly and prayerful characters are treasures without end. Let’s divide the inheritance into two parts for better understanding.

*I. Spiritual Inheritance:* The inheritance of God belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. By adoption, we have also become partakers of the inheritance of Christ. This is the more reason why we are joint heirs with Christ Jesus whose greatest inheritance for us, is the Spirit of God and His peace. Of all the inheritances, the Spirit of God is the greatest legacy to pass on to our children; for without God, we together with them will not be in existence (Psalm 73:26). Again, we have to teach our children about the need to pray and how to go about it. Do we pray and share the Word of God with our children before they depart to school? Difficult shall it be for us to control them when they grow up. By then, indiscipline, games and lust of the flesh will swallow them up.

*2. Moral Inheritance* (Proverbs 20:7, Psalm 37:37): What a man’s generation sows is the same thing that his children will reap. It is very easy to copy what someone does. Some houses are known for curses and indecent conducts like insults. As Christians, the greatest legacy is to show forth a character and conduct determined by the principle of love and fear of God in the heart. Timothy saw good character in his grandmother and he imitated her way of life. When we put potassium permanganate into water, it forms a solution which will manifest a bluish water. So must the character of our Lord Jesus Christ dominate our lives and it forces our naturally wayward character to vanish.


*PRAYER: Heavenly Father, let me live your legacy and leave it behind before my departure into your Kingdom in Jesus name. AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: _”22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:”_ (John 20:19-23) 


Our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected with a new body and an excellent Spirit. The Apostles locked up themselves in a room for fear of the Jewish Council. Then Jesus Christ came into their midst without opening the door. This due to the excellent Spirit with which He resurrected. He came into this world to reconcile us to God and bless us with peace. This peace came upon His disciples who also received His excellent breath as believers are receiving it now. 

Jesus Christ Himself is the excellent Spirit, better still the Holy Ghost which He breathed on the disciples. Graciously, the breath of Christ is the Holy Ghost in us. From the time we accepted Jesus Christ as out Saviour, and gave us His excellent Spirit(breath), we are privileged to be transformed into the Word of God. By do doing, the excellent Spirit of God makes us outstanding, supreme, marvelous, mind-blowing, fantastic and superior over the whole wide world. One who understands this, will not condone with any condescension to the things of this world.

Nothing is greater than this excellent Spirit of Christ. It is the breath with which the Lord Jesus Christ can push His Church of this generation into the excellent Christian era in the ancient times, thereby pushing us into holiness. Right from the beginning, God wanted man to be as excellent in Spirit, and powerful like it happened at the time which preceded the fall of man. Man had power to oversee and control every thing God created in this world until sin took away that dominion. Thanks to God that Jesus Christ has paid the debt of our sins and now. he has breathed His excellent breath of restoration into us and we have received that dominion once again.

In the Book of Numbers 14:24, God testified of His excellent Spirit which came upon Him right from the time he went to spy out the Land of Canaan before they finally entered into the Promised Land. The excellent Spirit of God makes us unique. The Holy Spirit is the greatest will which we have received from Jesus Christ and nothing can be compared unto this excellence of God in us. 

This is not the time for those of us who have received this excellency from God, to showcase ourselves as the Living Word of God for others to read us. We are not to be prodigal sons but we must be rich in the excellent and unimaginable inheritance of God. Be Jesus Christ and the world and its dark pleasures will not know us. Rebuke sin right in the face because we are of God and His excellent Spirit in us is greater than all that is in the world.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, let your excellent breath abound for me every day. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: _”The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up”_ (Matthew 4:16) 


Law courts deal with evidences. The genuineness of your case is depending on the evidences to vindicate you. In like manner, there are evidences that are meant to confirm and buttress the total transformation of a new born Christian who is walking after our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Light. The following are some of the evidences:

(a) *Perfect love*: This evidence will have to be presented by all Christians before God. God has commanded us to love Him, by loving our neighbours as ourselves even to the point of laying down our lives for them when the need arises (1John 3:16, 1John 4:16-21). This perfect love is not based on any condition. 

(b) *Right Motive*: It is an evidence for the people in darkness to know that we have now found our lives in the Great Light. Right motive is not complacent but rather calls for unity among our brethren. When the mind of Christ dwell in us, we can present ourselves to the people of darkness. Those with whom we dwell in the Great Light, must all be one with us in decision making. (Philippians 2:5, Hebrews 2:11)

( c) *Inward Victory*: Evidently, one will know that we are in the Great Light only when we demonstrate freedom from all forms of sins. ( Ephesians 5:26-27, Luke 1:74-75). Inward holiness will come out evidently for all people to know the state of a person who is in the Great Light of Christ. As time goes on, we should be examining ourselves to know the state of our lives. One important  question to ask ourselves is that, is my heart constantly yearning for the LORD? (Ezekiel 36:25-27) Is my heart longing for things of the world or the life in the light? One question that we are supposed to ask ourselves is, do we dress to the taste of the world or to please God? Bear in mind that the world wants you to appear like them but never compromise with them. (Hebrew 11:38), our conversation should also be carefully watched. It should not have any likeness with that of the indecent and like worldly people. (James 1:26)

*How to keep the Blessings in the Great Light*
1. Watch and Pray

(1corinthisns 10:12-13, Colossians 4:3, Isaiah 40:28-31, 1Thessalonians 5:5-6, 1Peter 5:7-10
(2) Abide in Christ

(Matthew 6:25-33, Job 1:20-22)
(3) Beware of Compromises

(Songs of Solomon 2:15)

Beloved, let these evidences be seen in our lives from today forward. So far as we have been blessed to remain in the great light of God, we need to do the best we can to prevent all compromises which will lead us into darkness.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, may your light never stop shining on me. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: _”What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me.”_(Psalm 116:12)


*Covenant is an agreement between two different parties, sealed with an offering. God was the first person to enter into sacrifice with us, and these are His image and His Son Jesus Christ.* God made covenants with many great people in the olden days, and our generation is next to follow in line. Jesus Christ gave out His life to save sinful humankind because His love for those He came to save, casted a foreshadow by being willing to fulfill the Scriptures. At the end of it all, He laid down His life for the ransom of all believers with whom He has an everlasting covenant sealed with His

In every covenant, there is an altar on which the sacrifice takes place. Three things are required from an acceptable covenant offering to God, and they are love, willingness and the best out of all that one has. These pillars or preconditions are the reasons why covenants, whether divine or demonic, have an everlasting impact on one’s generation.
*Covenant offerings to God proceeds from the hearts of a Christian into the physical realm of manifestation.* In Psalm 50:4-6, God declared His Word for a purpose. Obviously, Saints are those who walk in holiness after Jesus Christ. They are those whose covenant offering to God, in the form of any precious or valuable item or commodity. *If there is any sin in the offerer, there is no way it will be possible for God to accept the holy things He Himself gave to us.*
Your offering is the same as your spiritual standard. An unholy covenant offering, doesn’t produce or yield any outcome. None of us will be able to give out any thing to God. All things belong to Him. Our sacrifices are to demonstrate our heartfelt Thanksgiving for His mercies and all that He has done for us (1Chronicles 29:13-14). Abraham offered his only son to God, and through this powerful and pleasant covenant offering, all of us are tapping the graciousness of God every day (Genesis 22:1-14). 
Take note of this, if you offer unto the Lord, don’t think of the physical benefits attached to it nor worship the provisions of the covenant. Be committed to God in holiness and know that you have given back what belongs to God, and Heaven shall surely be your eternal home in Jesus name. Amen.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus Christ, take my life as my greatest sacrifice, and may I understand the need to offer all that you have for me. *AMEN*


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👉MEMORY VERSE: _”But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:”_ (2Timothy 1:10) 


The Lord Jesus Christ has resurrected from the dead, and this victory is for all those who believe in Him. In every kingdom, there is a power which determines the number of people who are affiliated to it. In every kingdom, there is a blood covenant; whether the blood of animals or that of men. This is what gives them more power. The more this blood is shed, the more their power is enhanced to maintain themselves in existence.

In the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, His own precious blood made covenant with all His believers. After He shed His blood for us, He resurrected on the third day with great power and strength. This power in His resurrection is unimaginable according to natural understanding. One who believes in Jesus Christ is not just a member or slave to Him, but sons and daughters of the Most High, unlike the other kingdoms that condemn men.

Turn your Bibles to Matthew 28:1-8. The tomb of our dear Lord Jesus Christ was sealed with a large rock and despite it, death couldn’t hold Him bound. Angels rolled it away. When the Spirit of God came upon Him, He resurrected from the dead. This is telling us that, we are born afresh by faith, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ according to His purpose for coming to die and resurrect for us. The Apostles of Jesus Christ locked up themselves in a room because they were afraid of the authorities. Jesus’ resurrection broke the bonds of fear, and when He entered into the room He revealed Himself to them, and His peace came upon them (John 20:19-23).

By the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, all fears are conquered: His peace to work for His Kingdom has come upon us. The joy to serve the Lord and win souls for Him is the result of the resurrection of Master Jesus Christ. One who continues to sin, shall not get this great enabling power in God’s peace and joy to work for Him in holiness.

The Lord’s resurrection power is fully seen and experienced in the wholeness of the Holy Spirit. Beloved, this power has been imparted into all the joint heirs of Christ. No kind of gift or treasure in this world , can be compared to the power of the Holy Spirit which makes us sons of God, stewards in His kingdom, and we have gained the power to overcome the world. Preach Christ among unbelievers and sinners who represent dangerous wolves. _”Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained.”_(John 20:23) If multitudes of people do not end up in Heaven, then it is due to our wickedness in the reluctance to preach the Word of Salvation to them; because, you didn’t allow the Lord to forgive them their sins.

What do you have for the world? It shouldn’t be any thing perishable like money and others, but present the life in the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ to them. You cannot possess the power of His resurrection, and live alongside the flesh. Ears without obedience is dead, like an eye that beholds vanity (Romans 8:11). As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ today, serving the Lord in this new life must be the reason why we are still alive.


*PRAYER*: Master Jesus Christ, fill me with your resurrection power, that I may serve you. *AMEN*