👉MEMORY VERSE: Refer to 1Samuel 18:6-9, and 1Samuel 31:1-6


One thing I have realized is that, every one will be able to tell you something about his or her wounds. Jesus Christ is not coming to rapture those who are bearing some weaknesses. Ask yourself, when are we going to overcome your weaknesses. This weakness is like a wound which always brings about pain. Our Lord Jesus Christ warns us through the ministration of His Word and through His prophecies.

There is only one thing that cannot happen in the life of mankind: that is, God has not allowed anybody with any form of weakness to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. When will we overcome our weaknesses without being comfortable with them? Saul’s first wound was anger. After the Lord had given victory yo the House of Israel by using David to kill Goliath, King Saul got envious and angry because he taught that glory had been given to David instead of him, for the times that he led the people of Israel to defeat many people. This followed him to hate David unto his shameful death by committing suicide.

If we should get rid of God’s Word by remaining in our weaknesses, then they will become wounds that not be able to be healed. In Esther 7:1-10, we can find out about how pride became the wound of Haman, who had wanted to kill Mordecai and the Jews for not bowing down to him. At the long run, God’s anger will not cease to stare at the face of people until we repent and become transformed. Eventually, when God intervened for the Jews through the humble plea of Gehazi Haman was shamefully, hanged on the tree with his wound of pride.

Let’s turn one to learn about one of the wounds in the life of Gehazi which is still prevailing in our generation. He was a servant of  Prophet Elisha, who lived with covetous intention even while he was serving under him and that led him into bearing of the leprosy of which Naaman was healed. Many people of our days love to be wealthy at the expense of how God wants them to live their lives. Riches of this world are luring so many people to love the gifts of Mammon, while the Holy Bible has warned us not to worship the Spirit of Mammon.

Beloved, look at how Jezebel died with her wounds like whoredom and witchcraft. People are in Churches with wounds like witchcraft and sexual promiscuity, without any readiness to surrender their whole lives to Jesus Christ. Among such people are those who dress indecently like Jezebel and disown God’s natural appearance given to humankind. If people continue to live with these wounds, they will end up in hell with their wounds.

Judas Iscariot had thievery or corruption as one of his wounds, and died in with them. He took money from the Jewish council in exchange for the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and when he realised this wound, he eventually committed suicide (Matthew 27:3-5). What do you also love in this world? It could be love for fashion, marriage, fraudulence and many other wounds. Are your wounds on your eyes or in our ears? Don’t die without healing, and regret it in hell. All we have to do is to be healed and transformed into the Image of Christ. (2Corinthians 5:17 and  Ephesians 6:13-18)

The full armor of God should cover the whole spiritual and physical systems in order to prevent wounds from getting into contact with us. Make sure you don’t die with any wound. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will make you strong without any form of weakness as a wound.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, uproot all sorts of weaknesses from me and heal my wounds. AMEN*







The greatest gift from God is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the lives of all those who believe in His ministry, death and resurrection. If we receive the grace of God, we will realize that all manner of blessings are incorporated in the Grace of God, including our ability to make it to Heaven at last. God has graced us in order for us to sacrifice the blessings He has given to us, and receive His abundant grace in return. It takes only righteous ones to offer a holy sacrifice unto the Lord.

Saints of God do not disappoint Him, when He needs offering from them. Elijah had to be fed by God who sent ravens to bring bread and meat to him at the time that the whole nation was in acute shortage of food and water. There are so many people in various Churches who have been neglected by the Spirit of God without their knowledge because of ungodliness. Those people are hungry and thirsty for the undiluted Word of God which is the spiritual foods for all Saints but we will have the blessings of God in various ways.

The widow at Zarephath was chosen by God to give out the last food that she had to eat and die with her son, to Prophet Elijah. God knew that he had to step into the life of the poor widow and her son. Giving out of their last cake as an offering to God’s servant, brought about the restoration of bountiful food and life to spend in the grace of God. 

Today, people are thinking about their businesses without caring about the work of God and His servants. Whatsoever that we offer unto the Lord Jesus Christ, be it our service to Him in holiness or in cash, they will open doors for great grace and all forms of blessings to us. The Grace of God is not only going to be in the form of money; it is based on the provision of our individual needs and all sorts of spiritual endowments. The blessings can be generational and abundant in so many folds but don’t expect to receive only financial blessings as the outcome of our offerings. 

That is not suppose to bring headache to us because it’s none of our businesses. All that we have belongs to God ( Read 1Chronicles 29:14-18). Help in giving out towards the work of God if you know that all that we have belongs to the one who is taking it from us in order to give back to us the most important things we need as His Saints. There is going to be a great famine in the spiritual world and it will manifest in the physical realm as well but the Lord wants us to offer our whole hearts and resources to Him in exchange for the Word of Life which will feed our souls and spirits for eternal life in Heaven (Amos 8:11-13).

The secret of a successful life is the act of giving out everything we have from a clean heart. God gives the best to us when we offer good gifts in both human and spiritual realms. Whenever we give out towards the work of God, He will look at the remaining amounts before blessing us. Paul’s letter to the Church in Corinth, tells us that the Church of Macedonia donated their best to God, though they didn’t have a lot to offer unto God’s work (2Corinthians 8:1-5). We have to give out even if down to the last penny.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, grant us the desire to give out our best from a clean heart towards your work. AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11)


Our Lord Jesus Christ has a Day of Judgement for every one. On this day, every body will be judged according to his or her works. Every Christian has a great service to render unto the Lord. The judgement of God is the assessment of our services as people He has created. In our homes, we are called together by the Lord as a family or group of tenants to serve the Lord in that line. Come to talk about our services at our workplaces including governmental positions and other places or portfolios to help us to understand that, our call to Christianity is purposely to serve God in all our ways.

Leaders take oaths of selfless services to their followers or subordinates. Reading from the 9th verse to the 17th verse of Romans chapter 12, we will get to understand that life in Christ is all about serving the Lord in various ministries into which we are called. Jesus Christ came to serve us in order for us to know how to serve Him after giving us a perfect example. *”Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)*

Jesus Christ served His Apostles by washing no other cleaner part of their bodies than their dirty feet. Up to date, God is still serving us with life in Christ Jesus. Today, we can move about, breathe in and out, provide us with our needs and this should teach us to serve the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly as God is still serving mortal men like us. *”But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”* (John 5:17) If this Savior of ours is still serving us, then ask yourself this question, “will we be innocent?” The following are the two types of services which we want to discuss:

Firstly, slothful service. This service does not please God but it pleases the flesh with the pride of life and lust of the flesh. Such people are every where, even in all areas of life. They serve with laziness, evil intention, envy, and other vices that cannot bring them into God’s approval. Slothful service is a product of Satan. In Churches, they can always be in so many committees without serving to the satisfaction of God because their hearts are impure. They don’t do any  thing good without complaining about it. Those people don’t care whether they come to Church late or the Church is losing its holiness. People in these services can’t enter the Kingdom of God because the motive behind their services is unclean. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

Secondly, fervent in godly service. Before one can serve the Lord fervently, he or she will need the divine nature of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to uniquely serve all of us. The fervent or fiery Spirit of God is without stain or blemish. This service is what the Lord Jesus Christ is demanding from us. For one to be more powerful, there must be the godliness of Christ whose Spirit is represented with fire, water, air and other creatures but it all boils down to the holiness and righteousness of God in us. It is a peaceful service which satisfies God. This service includes the winning of souls in all parts of our lives.

This kind of fervent spirit is the character of Jesus Christ in us. We need to be meek and lowly in heart as our Lord taught us to learn from Him. They can’t be moved by temptations, lusts of the flesh or by their past wayward lives. They carry the love of God as an unction upon their heads (1Corinthians 16:22). This steadfast love is very fervent to the extent that we can’t disappoint Him in His ministry or betray His trust. This love is so strong that it overflows into an extension of love for mankind. 

They lose their carnal will and take up the will of God for His purpose to be fulfilled in the life of humankind. Serve God in His love and it will be accounted to God as righteousness. Humility is also identified in the mind and heart of a person who wants to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with fervency in Spirit (Proverbs 18:12). We will always succeed in life and the Holy Spirit will lead us in all things and successfully end up in Heaven. God’s Spirit will expand His Kingdom through us because of our services to God, we won’t do anything contrary to His truth and we will finally overcome Satan. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless us. Amen.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, make me love to serve you all the time in your fervent Spirit.   AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: Refer to Genesis 1:1-3


Satan was cast down together with his fallen cohorts before the timely creation of the universe by God. Before God created this earth, the world was in chaos; in darkness, without form and void. Ask yourself this question; Is there any darkness in God who is the light of the world? No way. 

In the 28th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, we came to the acknowledge how God condemned Satan to hell even after forming him with great power, specialty and terror until Christ came to destroy his power with His death and resurrection. He was cast down from Heaven to the pit of hell because of his pride and his ability to beguile the fallen Angels who came along with him.

Despite the fact that God punished him with eternal torture, he still has the power and wisdom over those who engage in sinful activities. What at all was the wisdom with which Satan cunningly convinced and deceived the fallen Angels who already knew the mightiness and omnipotence of God whom they should have followed instead. 

Just as the earth was without form, void and dark at the time that Satan had been casted down to this earth, so is he mapping up strategies to kill, steal and destroy the elects of God. The power with which he is doing all these diabolical activities to end souls in hell, wasn’t taken away from him after he beguiled man for the dominion God gave us. However, it took the dominion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to conquer him and crush his powers under our feet and His power for us is greater than that of Satan. Hallelujah!!!

*”Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”(2Corinthians 2:11)* The Devil is no longer having the power to wrestle and win us to his side but the weapon he is currently using is called deceptive wisdom which is only against the followers of Christ Jesus because he has won the sinful people of this world in advance. Satan is presently ruling over and regulating the systems of this world and his manipulations to win multitudes into eternal disaster in hell, is achieving results.

*Today, how many people on the face of the earth are faithfully and wholeheartedly belonging to the uprightness of Christ as He taught us? Well, the Word of God tells us that the gate of hell shall not prevail against us: but our explanation of the meaning of the word in the context, will reveal to us that in the ancient times, decisions were taken at the gates of walled cities by the leaders of a state or city. Therefore, the gates are referring to principalities as mentioned by the Spirit of God in Ephesians 6:12. The governments of this world are under the control of Satan, whose evil decisions are bringing this world into destruction.*

It takes the knowledge and wisdom of God in us to override and overcome the devices of Satan. The knowledge and wisdom with which the Lord created this world, have been given to us to nullify, neutralize and overpower the works of Satan only if obedience to God’s Word will be our hallmark. Beloved, if you don’t seek this wisdom of God from what the Holy Bible teaches us, we will always pray against the witches and wizards in our families and they will still be alive. 

*If we don’t work according to the wisdom and knowledge of God which will prevail in us in the presence of the Holy Spirit, then Satan can overcome us, as he has overcome multitudes already. Satan is controlling so many nations, factories, businesses, Churches, schools and he has won so many people who have proclaimed him their god. These worshippers are largely the occult groups known as Freemasonry and Illuminati. They carry so much influence and power at the helm of governmental affairs with democratic ideologies contrary to the Holy Bible, pushed for gay marriage aside transgender, promoted satanism through lots of captivating television programs for adults and kids in particular.* 

Again, these powerful groups are using so much human and financial resources, technology, fashion,  lustful games, music and video industries, pornography, lust of the flesh and pride of life.*We shouldn’t underrate the power they carry in this world because their agenda is working like that of their forefathers who tried to build the tower of Babel until God confused their mediums of communication* The devil wants a new world order to work the world in opposition to what God has established and these demonic groups in our societies are being utilized by them to destroy the world.

One can say that they are working around the clock together with demons and other ranks of evil doers to fulfill the agenda of Satan. *By so doing, so many doctrines of demons are introduced into churches where the Spirit of God is absent. Their crafty works are the major devices used by Satan to attack Christian purity.* *No wonder Satan has his own religions that have contributed extensively towards the shedding of blood and the practice of violence. Every world war is masterminded by them to destroy souls.* 

Christians who are walking in the holiness and righteousness of God due to the knowledge and wisdom, are the arch enemies of Satan who has been condemned forever. He wants to defeat these weapons God has given to us but with Christ Jesus on our side, and with our commitment to stay in obedience to His Word, Satan and his fallen Angels cannot defeat us.

*A strong hostility from the camp of Satan, will rise against us as long as we always work on how to perfectly fit into the likeness of Christ Jesus (Genesis 1:26-28).* From today, let the little foxes of sin like envy, bitterness, unforgiving attitude and the rest be arrested by the Spirit of God in us. *As long as the Word of God offers us the weapons of knowledge and wisdom, we can become holy and righteous people by doing what God demands from us.* Our prayer should be that, God should help us to love Him and ourselves like Jesus Christ and be holy even as He is holy. The power of God will be strong when you are at peace with all men, in long suffering, overcome every test, persecution and temptation which comes our ways. May the Lord bless us all. Amen.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, let me be like you always. AMEN*



“Let thy mercy, O LORD,  be upon us according as we hope in thee.”_(Psalm 33:22)


Humankind lives on the mercies of God. This is undeniably true because it is the mercy of God which is keeping us breathing until the time we die. In effect, there won’t be any mercy in the aftermath of our death. Gospel truth like this, is the right weapon to defeat and abolish the belief held or opined by some adherers and believers who share in the lies of mercy after death. 

Specifically, the only hope of every living soul is to die in Christ and finally end up with Is Creator in Heaven. If that is not your goal in life, then Satan has a fruit of ignorance for you. God’s Word tells us that He will have mercy on those He will have mercy. As a result of that, all our wish in life is to receive the mercy of God in productive times like this, doing all that His mercy has pardoned us to put aright. Therefore, our greatest prayer is to ask for the tender mercies and loving kindness to endure for us. 

Jesus Christ is the hope of our glory. The glory in this context will come only when we have received His mercies and turned into new leaves. Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary to atone for our sins by writing them off with His blood in order for us to be stainless and prepared in absolute godliness. His sacrifice shows that God will go every length to forgive us our sins. His mercy towards us is the expression of His greatest love for humanity.

The main reason God shows mercy to mankind is not only to save us from wallowing in hell, neither is it to provide us with the greenlight to continue sinning. It is to being us into the rejection or abolition of sin, and into communion with Him in holiness and righteousness. Without holiness or sinlessness, no one can see the Lord. The mercy of God is not to cripple us in sin or fuel our persistence in  stubbornness.

His mercy is to free us from sins and grant us the likeness of Holy God, our Father. He who has hope in the God of Israel, will have to receive His mercy in order to accept to walk in His ways and make it to Heaven.


*PRAYER*: Lord Jesus, have mercy on my soul on the last days. AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18) 


One of the things that makes mankind different from animals is that man has love. A person without love is a person without a heart. Marriage is to be built on our Lord Jesus Christ whose love is the source of sustainability in marriage. In a home, there could be a lot money, and many other assets but without love, the marriage will surely be in crises (Genesis 29:31-35).

To husbands, the Word of God teaches us to give honour unto our wives in the knowledge of God (1Peter 3:7, Ephesians 3:7). Love that is to show in the family, must be an everlasting love without lust. Love covers a marriage of sins in the sense that you will have to accommodate their weakness but root out sin from the marriage. A husband that loves his life must treat her as human who needs affection,and not as a caretaker.

Let us hereby expand the meaning of the previous statement. The husband’s urge shouldn’t only desire for sex before the wife will be seen as useful. Where love overflows, there is a sweet fragrance and the spirit filled life, that surpasses mere declaration of love to each other. The Man’s love for his wife,can be compared to the church. The purpose for loving our wife shouldn’t be based on the help that we have from them.

We have to make sure that,she is happy,health and holy to God. Coming down to the love that should be expected of a wife, let us read from 1Peter 3:4-6. Every woman in marriage is told by the Lord to manifest meekness and teachable spirit in the marriage. She is not to nag or complain about any uncomfortable situation but she needs to humble herself and endure  under all circumstances. (Romans 7:1-2) Your husband is your Lord and need to control affairs in the house,including his reception of message from God,and let him build up the family on a solid spiritual foundation. As your Lord, he is the one to direct you to God who is your spiritual leader (1peter 3:6).

In the book of Titus 2:4,we are hereby admonished to love our help mates and our children but we shouldn’t love our children more than our husbands. If you really love your husband, you will have to listen and obey every divine instruction he gives you.(Romans 13:10)(1John 4:17-21)(1Corinthians 13:4-7). When love is in a family,none of the spouses has to despise or underrate the other with the money, status or properties that they have.


*PRAYER: Lord Jesus, let your love abound in my family life. AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: “And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the LORD’s law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the LORD brought thee out of Egypt.” (Exodus 13:9) 


Old men and women were once young. All that we do or own will be left for others. Athletes run forward until they get to the finish line, without turning to run backwards. God didn’t want the descendants or post generations of the redeemed Hebrews to ever forget His covenant through Abraham which we are  beneficiaries, and His saving power with which He rescued the children of Israel from the captivity in Egypt. If legacy is to be in the form of a race, then we will say that Abraham passed down the mantle of God to Isaac and from him to Jacob (Israel), and all Christians after him.

In every household, the Lord chooses some people to set examples for their children to know what God wants, His perfect will and works, and what he dislikes (Judges 2:10-11). That is how the Lord has made us in order for the knowledge about the Word of God to prevail for ever without ever departing from the hearts and minds of humankind. Everything that we do must testify of the fear of the Lord God. What legacy will we leave behind for our families, ministries and at our workplaces? Take a look at this. Just as curses in a family come through one person, so does blessings come through one person.

Our inheritance is greater than money, gold, houses, cars or businesses. It rather has to do with the qualities of God in us, including Jesus’ godfearing and holy characters in our lives. A life of devotion to God, holiness, and saintly and prayerful characters are treasures without end. Let’s divide the inheritance into two parts for better understanding.

*I. Spiritual Inheritance:* The inheritance of God belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. By adoption, we have also become partakers of the inheritance of Christ. This is the more reason why we are joint heirs with Christ Jesus whose greatest inheritance for us, is the Spirit of God and His peace. Of all the inheritances, the Spirit of God is the greatest legacy to pass on to our children; for without God, we together with them will not be in existence (Psalm 73:26). Again, we have to teach our children about the need to pray and how to go about it. Do we pray and share the Word of God with our children before they depart to school? Difficult shall it be for us to control them when they grow up. By then, indiscipline, games and lust of the flesh will swallow them up.

*2. Moral Inheritance* (Proverbs 20:7, Psalm 37:37): What a man’s generation sows is the same thing that his children will reap. It is very easy to copy what someone does. Some houses are known for curses and indecent conducts like insults. As Christians, the greatest legacy is to show forth a character and conduct determined by the principle of love and fear of God in the heart. Timothy saw good character in his grandmother and he imitated her way of life. When we put potassium permanganate into water, it forms a solution which will manifest a bluish water. So must the character of our Lord Jesus Christ dominate our lives and it forces our naturally wayward character to vanish.


*PRAYER: Heavenly Father, let me live your legacy and leave it behind before my departure into your Kingdom in Jesus name. AMEN*