_”Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To-day, after so long a time; as it is said, To-day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”_(Hebrews 4:7)


According to the world’s mortality rate, multitude of people die across the world in every minute. Had it been that they could delay the date of their death by any means, they would have gladly done so. One undeniable thing that is worth noting about all these people who are passing away is that, not all of them could live their lives according to the Voice of God.

Obviously, some of them have their lives to Jesus Christ, walked in the light of His Word and finally entered into their rest after death. On the contrary, others did not allow the Voice of God to show them the way to eternal rest in Heaven: that is the more reason why they will also be in eternal disaster after death. Success in life is based on man’s ability to pay heed to the Voice of God which is His Word.

*Procrastination is the thief of time.* There are some people who keep on postponing their repentance, while others have professed Jesus Christ as their Lord without following His Word. It is very dangerous for us to live without overcoming our weaknesses as Christians. Time is not on our side at all. There are some people who wished to hear the Voice that we are hearing today but they didn’t. As Christians, we hear the Word of God every day on so many platforms but due to hardened hearts, we procrastinate the time we will need to turn away from what the Word detests.

None of us will have any excuse to give because the Voice of God comes with His Spirit to assist every man to obey Him. We shouldn’t forget that we can die at any moment from now, even as we read this. A hardened heart is the one which has rebelled against the Voice of God, and is always unwilling to accept any transformation. In fact, it is an indication which can lead one into seared conscience and apostasy.

In obeying this Voice, we have to close our ears to any other voice and get the full concentration to live for a divine purpose. He who hears this Voice will not be as a reprobate, whose heart cannot be fit for any good message. One who despises this Voice and rather gives so much attention to other voices, is a failure and disappointment to life.


*PRAYER*: Let your voice penetrate my soul and quicken me to act obediently, Oh Lord Jesus. *AMEN*




_”BLESSED is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.”_(Psalm 41:1)


God is the determiner of people’s destinies. He is the same person who has blessed some people to be rich enough or possess what it takes to consider the poor and needy within our societies. Those with genuine riches are made by God to serve the less privileged people in the society with their riches. That is why their blessings from God will continue to come from the Lord Himself, as long as they continue doing magnanimous and charitable acts.

Most at times, people think that they will have to give out on condition that they have money in abundance. This is a blatant lie because we have to share the little money, resources and knowledge we have, with the poor and needy. Giving out is something beyond the physical act of offering something huge to someone at the receiving end; it is a free flow of kindness from a heart filled with love and possessed by Christ Jesus.

When someone is rich, he or she isn’t having something in abundance; instead, they are those who have something to give out. Going by this accession, we can say from the memory verse for the day that rich men do not live ostentatious or opulent lifestyles. They are those who don’t pride themselves with what they own but give out to the poor in exchange for the power of God. How much you worth is determined by how you consistently give out to make people’s lives meaningful.

The time to render our time, energy, knowledge, commitment and money towards the betterment of the lives of others, is now. Meditative reading of the verse will help us to know the reason why trouble will never pass by any body, not even the rich and prominent figures in the society. We shouldn’t be excited about the riches we have until they have helped in the consideration of the poor. This is only when the Lord can make haste to help us in time of trouble.


*PRAYER*: Father in Heaven, richer than the richest, kindly give me the heart to make the lives of others better, in Jesus name. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: _”Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith, prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”_ (2Corinthians 13:5)


God is telling us to examine ourselves whether we are in the faith. God wants us to stand firm in the faith where He has brought us to live through our belief in Christ. One thing about God is that, He sees things afar off. This is one of the reasons why He knows us more than we know ourselves. *Life in the faith intends an everlasting partnership with God until the end.*

In 1Timothy 1:19, the Spirit of God is telling us to hold our faith and a good conscience in order not to have our faith in God shipwrecked. A wrecked ship is good for nothing and cannot be put into any good use. May the Lord Jesus Christ repair your faith if it is part of the shipwrecks that are parked aside and left to rust the more. *Church as an institution of God is meant for us to live and continue steadfastly in faith without drifting away or deviating from it.*

The one who lives in faith is the one who has his or her will nailed to the Cross of Christ in exchange for His will. Left to us alone, we would have lived our lives according to our personal principles and the way that we wanted it. *In these last days, God has called us into His ark of faith called the Church, and we are left to do His will alone.* If we should get out of this ark of faith, then we will fall into the flood of destruction as it were in the days of Prophet Noah.

*Beloved, the good fight of faith is not merely by paying lip services to express our commitment (1Timothy 4:13-14).* Our total reliance on the righteousness, godliness, faith, patience, and meekness of Jesus Christ. By so doing, we are called back from waywardness through self examination, to follow Him. One that continues in the faith is persistent in the achievement of the purpose of it. *The end result of Christianity is the attainment of the perfection in the character of Christ,* until we finally get rewarded in Heaven after our lives here on earth.

Recently, a weapon that the enemy is using to steal some of the children of God, is through the robbery of our joy. He brings discouragement to make Christians give up the fight of faith so as to destroy them. *We always grow in what we continue doing without stopping.* What will you do if we were in the shoes of Paul who told us about his ordeals and persecutions in the faith and ministry of Christ? He didn’t quit but grew stronger in the ministry. (2Corinthians 11:21-29)

*Know that the vision of faith in God will motivate us to know that no persecution can be compared to the glory ahead of faith which we seek to obtain (Hebrews 11:10,13-16, Hebrews 12:2).* Jesus Christ is the originator of our faith, who despised shame and persecutions in order to be honored by His Heavenly Father who gave Him a name which is above every name up to date and now has the power to judge the living and the dead.

Walk with people who have the same mind of faith with you so as not to be detracted by them. *The reason why we still have to continue with the Lord in the faith is to do the will of Jesus Christ alone. It only takes this will to bring us into eternity in Heaven and not in hell.* As we examine ourselves, the Lord also examines us. What was the outcome of your continuous self examination in the faith? *Are you still in the faith?*


*PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, make my shipwrecked faith anew and original like yours.  *AMEN*



_”For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”_(Colossians 3:3)


Satan seeks to attack every body that has life in him or her. There is no sin after death but a person only sins as a living soul before his death. Where there is life, Jesus Christ and Satan are all struggling to take possession of the one who has it. The question here is very simple: “who is the owner of our lives”?

Jesus Christ is the owner of our lives, and we have our whole being in Him. Through Jesus Christ, we were created and by His Blood were we redeemed from our sins. This redemption consists of our death to sin, from the moment we surrendered our lives to Christ and got born again (Ephesians 1:7, Romans 6:6-7).

Dying to sin, we get born into the life in Christ for ever and ever: this is on condition that we don’t yield to the devices of Satan who only wants us to labor in sin for condemnation in hell for eternity. Our lives are hidden with Christ in God because Christ is the one who has conquered sin, death and the devil, and He is helping us to also finish our race in Him by overcoming the world and Satan for ever.

Once we get hidden in Christ, our souls will not be exposed to mingle with the souls of the worldly people who are living for this sinful world. They are those who are waiting to be destroyed together with Satan in the Lake of Fire. We are safely hidden!


*PRAYER*:  Lord Jesus Christ, keep my body, soul and spirit in you all the time. *AMEN*



_”For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Christ’s sake.”_(2Corinthians 4:5 )


One of the reasons why we preach as Christians, is to present the need for all living beings to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as the controller of our lives. Life without Christ is full of crises in each and every day. Apostle Paul taught the Church of Corinth about the kind of preaching they needed to hear like us. 

Preaching of Christ excludes the preaching which is centered on man as a hero who has carries the anointing of God or material things to talk about. For one to preach Christ, He must be able to testify of Him in his word and deeds to all who need Him. One major problem which is affecting the free delivery of the Good News is with preachers who have false perspectives about the blessings of God. They highlight on their testimonies as one of the ways of bringing themselves into the topic for preaching.

Self willed preachers are good at emphasizing on the carnal or physical things believers in Christ can get for accepting Christ. How do they do that? Instead of preaching how Jesus Christ alone can bring genuine repentance, sanctification and justification for the salvation of those seated before them, they preach their method of success. Others preach and end with spiritual directions that are as fetish as the devices of a fetish priest.

In preaching about how they became so anointed and privileged in life, they preach themselves as the testimonies needed to turn listeners away from Christ. Their self conceited and satanic strategies make people love the gifts and blessings of God more than the giver of the gift Himself. People idolize them as powerful ministers when they teach mysteries and prosperity messages that are capable of sweeping their feet in wonder. Since they are not preaching Jesus Christ, they have turned away from Him long time ago.

No wonder their Church members want to be of their self righteous identity; they buy their stickers, hail their books more than the Holy Bible, struggle for their mantles, and even want to dress or speak like them. How can this help us to preach Christ Jesus and His righteousness? The days are few and evil and we need to redeem them with the unpolluted Gospel of Christ which places emphasis on a believer’s righteousness and holiness unto Christ. With the exception of the Word of God, we don’t have any other message to preach apart from Jesus Christ.


*PRAYER*: LORD Jesus Christ, drop your message on my tongue. *AMEN*




👉MEMORY VERSE: _”And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?”_ (1Samuel 17:29)


There are certain things that Christians will have to know before they can be called faithful children of God. First of all, we are Christians because God has called us. This call is unlike the one from man which will not have a definite purpose and faithfulness as that of Christ’s. Jesus Christ called us to become His friends, who are holy and sanctified like He is. For this reason, God has called us to exchange our carnal selves for His perfect identity. Another reason for which our by God has a purpose is to love as He loved us.

As if that is enough, we are called as Christians into Church of our Lord Jesus Christ to do His will and prove His truth in us and demonstrate the truth to the world. Every Christian is called by God to walk in the humility of our Lord Jesus Christ. This will have to show forth in our words and deeds. Humility is from our Lord Jesus Christ. Called to be holy and rapture ready, we are meant to do all that have been listed and nothing more or less.

Some people who call themselves Christians are not glorifying God in these afore mentioned ways and that us why the Lord Jesus Christ has assembled us before Him. Despite the spread of Churches all over the world, many people are falling for sin and they are finally landing in hell. Just as David knew the power of God in him would help him to defeat Goliath the uncircumcised Philistine, he finally defeated him. That Word of Faith is telling us to lift up the holiness of God in Churches which have fallen away. 

Challenges came the way of David, when he was poised to go and defeat Goliath. One was discouragement from His brother Eliab. He told David that Goliath was a champion who had never lost in any battle. Saul on the other hand, gave his armor to David but because it was too heavy for him, he couldn’t move freely. This made him refuse the armor for five stones instead. We can stand for holiness at all cost without inviting discouragements to dictate for us. Don’t take suggestions of those who give you ideas which will turn you away from the will of God which we are called to do. Eventually, he killed Goliath and cut his head with the champion’s own sword. 

Beloved, we are the ones that the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting to see our commitment and capabilities to fulfill the purpose for which God has established His Church. Considering where we were before we came to know Jesus Christ, we need to ask ourselves this question: how do help in the work of God and seek the growth of God’s ministry? Are our deeds collapsing the mission of ours or destroying the works of Satan? We shouldn’t be like Judas Iscariot who was carefully chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ as one of His twelve Apostles.

In our case, we don’t have to give series of excuses to delay the work of God (Matthew  20:1-16). Be in God’s Church because He has called us, not any man.


*PRAYER: Oh Lord Jesus Christ, may I serve the purpose of my calling.   *AMEN*



_”And the superscription of his accusation was written over, THE KING OF THE JEWS.”_(Mark 15:26)


Sin made us stand accused before God until our Savior Jesus Christ came to bear our shame and all the true accusations brought upon our heads. One thing that ought to be observed here is the truth behind the superscription on the Cross of Jesus Christ as the Messiah or King of the Jews. 

Prior to the coming of Jesus Christ into our lives to release us from the hands of the accuser of the brethren, we were all living in sin; we loved the worldly things around us and placed our hearts in them, lusted after the flesh and disobeyed the Word of God. All the accusations about us were true but not any longer. Our shame has been exchanged for fame on the Cross of Christ.

Since we are servants of righteousness and no longer slaves of sin to stand accused before the Devil, this is the time for us to celebrate our great joy and fame with a living testimony. Our freedom must lead us into an enjoyable life of obedience to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the competent lawyer who has won our case for us against the Devil. What else do we expect, after He has saved us from defamatory and scornful lives of burden?


*PRAYER*: Lord of my salvation, give me the power to walk in a sanctified life in appreciation of my deliverance in Jesus name. *AMEN*